John Yoo Has 'Grave Concerns' Over Use Of Executive Power -- When It's Not to His Liking

World Can't Wait | February 7, 2017

Why is the media pandering to the opinions of a war criminal? Does it really matter what John Yoo* thinks?

stoptrumpwcwActually, it does. To give credence to the opinions of torture advocates serves to 'normalize' the insufferable attack on human rights promulgated under pretext of national security by the Bush regime, embraced by Obama, and promised to Jeff Sessions.

How 'bad' is bad? There are no 'lesser evils' of torture; in application or attribution. The idea that American lives are more important than other's must continue to be discredited. Now more than ever.

Past failure to hold torturers accountable demands renewed passion now to halt the fresh assault on immigrants and others denied legal protection from the genocidal policies of the Trump administration, including revival of torture techniques sanctioned by Berkeley Law administrators, and determination to refuse the 10 Point Plan to Put America [as opposed to Humanity and the Planet] First

We say NO! The world can't wait to stop the crimes of the Trump Regime!


* University of California Berkeley Law professor and author of the 'Torture Memos' justifying brutal interrogation practices at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay prison camps; more here.