An Urgent Note About the Global Days of Action to Shut Down Guantanamo May 17th–May 19th

by Jill McLaughlin | May 12, 2013

Join in protests around the world marking 100 Days of the Guantanamo Hunger Strike

As the 100th day of the Guantanamo Hunger Strike approaches it is important that there be a strong visible presence in the streets during the May 17th–May19th Global Days of Action to Shut Down Guantanamo. In London and other places like Ontario there have already been plans made. Here in the U.S., Chicago, Staten Island, and Boston have already listed their events. Plans for New York, San Francisco and other places are soon to come.

The demand that Guantanamo be shut down is a righteous one and speaks to the urgency of the situation for the men there. We must not forget that is the hunger strikers who in a very real sense led us while at the same time counting on us to lead others to join in this righteous demand. These men and the world must know that we do not accept the crime that is Guantanamo in our name and that we all will do everything we can to create a political situation where Obama is forced to release the 86 cleared and to charge and provide a fair trials to the rest and shut the doors of Guantanamo forever. If you have already planned your event please post it here and if you haven’t planned an event in your area we encourage you to be a part of this very important and urgent time by joining an event or creating an event.

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