People of Spain: Help the World Prosecute Bush War Crimes!

To the Spanish people:

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 On April 16th, the Obama administration released four infamous Bush Regime “torture memos” that justified and orchestrated the torture of named individuals in horrendous detail. All persons of

conscience consider open torture by the United States not only immoral but wrong on every level. 

At the same time, President Obama said that his administration would not prosecute those who did the torture.  His administration clarified that they also will not prosecute the war criminals responsible for the legal memos justifying and resulting in torture. This is intolerable and inexcusable.

We, the undersigned, are asking the people of Spain to continue in the struggle to bring all those who are responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity to justice.  We must all stand together in the fight to protect others from harm as perpetrated by individuals in the United States upon innocent people around the world, for now and for the future of our children.

We condemn these acts of torture and violence in our names.  We will not silently stand by and watch while international standards of morality are being violated and the perpetrators walk free.

We pledge to continue to build in the United States a mass movement that demands prosecution.  Indictment in Spain will help create an atmosphere of intolerance for war criminals, making prosecution in the United States more possible.  We salute the people of Spain for your role in this world-wide struggle!

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Main Torture People of Spain: Help the World Prosecute Bush War Crimes!


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