Bush Regime Torture Memos Released: Obama Pledges no Prosecution

 From a lead article in today’s New York Times: “The Justice Department on Thursday made public detailed memos describing brutal interrogation techniques used by the Central Intelligence Agency, as President Obama sought to reassure the agency that the C.I.A. operatives involved would not be prosecuted.

 The message below was sent out by Debra Sweet, National Director of World Can’t Wait immediately after reading of this development:
The following memos should be read this in full as soon as you can. The premeditated, systematic sadism is beyond words and needs to be immediately and loudly exposed and denounced.
Nobody in society who is familiar with these memos can any longer claim any doubt about whether torture was/is sanctioned from the highest levels of government.
And, given that Obama is releasing these memos AT THE SAME TIME as he is officially announcing he won't prosecute those who carried all of this out means --in my view - - that nobody familiar with the release of these memos can any longer claim honest confusion about whether or not Obama represents "change."
Finally, as you read it, consider the 2 quotes below.
1) George W. Bush, March 23, 2003 --

"I expect them to be treated humanely, just like we will treat any prisoners of theirs we capture humanely. If not, the people who mistreat the prisoners will be treated as war criminals."

2) Barack H. Obama, April 16, 2009 --

“In releasing these memos, it is our intention to assure those who carried out their duties relying in good faith upon legal advice from the Department of Justice that they will not be subject to prosecution.”


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