Crossing 'red' lines

Debra Sweet | January 31, 2023

Since we live in the U.S., our concern must be over the dangerous, reckless actions this government is taking in its proxy war with Russia over Ukraine. There have been repeated claims by the U.S. that the more than $45 billion in "aid" to Ukraine is only defensive, and not aimed at Russia.  

The U.S. sent huge amounts of missiles and ammunition including 34 long-range HIMARS missile systems, enabling attacks into Russia. It sent Patriot missiles, and announced after holding off for months, that it will send M1 Abrams tanks, as Germany has agreed to send Leopard tanks to arm Ukraine.

Pentagon/White House spokespeople explain this is all to defend the people of Ukraine, who are being sacrificed in the interests of imperialist powers.  But the steady, if measured, crossing of "red" lines towards direct confrontation with Russia is extremely dangerous in its unpredictability.

Revcom said this week,

"Far from bringing stability to the conflict, this approach of incremental escalation makes the entire situation much more dangerous. It makes the likelihood of direct fighting between U.S./NATO and Russian forces more likely. It is like walking across an open minefield, knowing full well that each step could bring disaster, but unable to turn back...

War, especially on this scale, could quickly spiral out of anyone’s control, in unanticipated ways, even by 'accident,' or through human error and miscalculation, and lead to unintended, unforeseen and disastrous consequences."

We can't rely on cooler heads to prevail, pulling back the imperialist powers from ever more risky confrontations, as all of us know the ultimate nuclear option risks all life on the planet.
Were politicians anywhere to decide to back off, it will not be for humanitarian reasons, but because they encounter the mass resistance so needed by populations here and across Europe.

Below: Is this Ukraine? No, the "Christmas bombing" of Vietnam by the U.S., still by far the superpower most responsible for dangerous aggression across the globe.


We Are Not Your Soldiers set to visit classes this semester!

 As the spring semester has started in high schools and colleges around the country, we look forward to visiting students and engaging in deep discussion. Some schools function on quarters and we’re ready to plan for this quarter or next quarter. From time to time we do speak with middle school classes and, if that seems right for a particular situation, get in touch with us.

As the many wars (some 7 known) the U.S. has been involved in continue in one form or another and the 800+ U.S. bases continue to span the globe and increase in size and as the danger of nuclear war (the U.S. has by far the most weapons and is the only country that has used them) escalates daily, it is more important than ever to converse with this generation of students, providing information that is so sadly lacking in the society as a whole.

We plan with educators to link up the presenter and presentation to their curricular focus. We can provide preparatory and follow-up materials if needed and love to incorporate what we learn during our visits into our Resources.



Please be aware that there is no fee charged to the school for our presentations. Our program is supported by contributors who value the importance of veterans speaking out forthrightly to students.

We continue to primarily “visit” via remote technology but, depending on the syllabus and location, we can, in some instances, arrange an in-person visit. As always, whichever mode of presentation, each speaker shares their own experiences and is open to all questions and insights from the students. So many of the comments we receive from students each year stress these points. For example, students wrote:

  • Regarding Joy: “I liked how real she was about everything. She answered questions without holding back.”
  • Regarding Miles: “Thank you so much for sharing and turning an uncomfortable traumatic event into an inspiring lesson.”
  • Regarding Joe: “Thank you for coming to our class to speak. I’m sure it was a very hard thing to talk about and I appreciate people who do hard things to benefit other people. Thank you for your nobility.”
  • Regarding John: “I liked how honest he was. It was really refreshing to hear someone speak from the heart about issues concerning men and women in the military.”

To get a sense of what a presentation is like, take a look at this 6-minute video giving you a glimpse into three presentations this fall.


And, of course, find out more about each of the veterans here: John Burns, Joy Damiani, Rosa del Duca, Dean Feinman, Will Griffin, Miles Megaciph, Lyle Rubin, Joe Urgo and Miguel Gabriel Vazquez.

final spring 2023 wanys

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