The Expanding War on the World

The CIA’s Afghan Death Squads

Debra Sweet | December 22, 2020

ciadeathsquadsTo understand what the U.S. does to exert its power around the world, you have to look beyond the public words and actions, to the covert actions that are often even more decisive and revealing of U.S values than overt wars, and certainly more true than diplomacy carried out as subterfuge.  Mike Pompeo, then director of the CIA said in 2017 that it “must be aggressive, vicious, unforgiving, relentless.” That wasn't exactly news to anyone who's followed it since 1947, through its role in dozens of coups overthrowing elected governments not favored by the U.S.  The largest targeted drone killing program of the two decade "war of terror" is probably the CIA's, launched by Bush, expanded by Obama and then more so by Trump. 


The Absurd and Dangerous Fantasy That Donald Trump Is Not a War Monger

Raymond Lotta | August 17, 2020

It is truly amazing how some progressives and self-described radicals pull the wool over their own eyes when it comes to Donald Trump’s foreign policy. They blithely buy into and peddle the dangerous myth that, for all his ravings and unpredictability, Trump is an “antiwar” isolationist who wants to shrink the U.S. global military footprint and is ill-disposed to getting bogged down in endless wars. Describe him as you will... but a war monger he is not, they say. Wrong, deadly wrong.


What a Global Pandemic Means on top of the Global "War on Terror" Case in Point: Yemen

Debra Sweet | May 9, 2020

U.S. media counts the dead in "America," meaning the United States, leaving deaths uncounted and mostly not noted, in the rest of the globe, save Europe and other "allies." 

But when we think of the pandemic, our thoughts go to those globally in most danger: people in prisons and detention, those without homes to shelter in, those who have to work everyday, the refugees and people in war zones who have no protection.


12 Ways the US Invasion of Iraq Lives On in Infamy

March 18, 2020

The most serious consequences of the disastrous invasion and occupation of Iraq confirm what millions of people around the world warned about 17 years ago.

whadidyoulearn-chelala 0While the world is consumed with the terrifying coronavirus pandemic, on March 19 the Trump administration will be marking the 17th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq by ramping up the conflict there. After an Iran-aligned militia allegedly struck a U.S. base near Baghdad on March 11, the U.S. military carried out retaliatory strikes against five of the militia’s weapons factories and announced it is sending two more aircraft carriers to the region, as well as new Patriot missile systems and hundreds more troops to operate them. This contradicts the January vote of the Iraqi Parliament that called for U.S. troops to leave the country. It also goes against the sentiment of most Americans, who think the Iraq war was not worth fighting, and against the campaign promise of Donald Trump to end the endless wars.


Wars and Wars and Wars

Richard Greve | May 26, 2019

What’s the matter with us
that we allow
Endless wars, new wars
Wars, wars and more wars?



Debra Sweet | May 16, 2019

As U.S. threats against Venezuela continue with the U.S. selection and then recognition of non-elected Juan Guaido as the interim president, there have been threats by Guaido supporters, again backed by the Trump/Pence Regime, to take over the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC.


When is Enough, Enough?

pompeo mug shot 1Debra Sweet | May 16, 2019

If you believe Trump is so isolationist that he wouldn't use the tremendous military force he controls to attack, invade, occupy, change regimes or worse, you've been bamboozled. This is the guy who used the "mother of all bombs" and wants to know "if we have nukes, why can't we use them?"


Is Trump "anti-war"?

Debra Sweet | December 31, 2018

Trump War CriminalLooking to the storms coming in 2019, we consider, how is Trump the same as other U.S. presidents, and how is his regime markedly different, requiring concerted action from us?

Each of the three "war on terror" presidents were and are completely committed to the US empire's domination of the globe through military supremacy.  Each declared victory in the illegitimate endless war in their own way.  George “W” Bush proclaimed "mission accomplished" (2003),  Obama did it with "air strikes… taking out ISIL leaders, heavy weapons, oil tankers, infrastructure," promoting a "network of partners" instead of invasions (2015) and, Trump bluntly declared victory over ISIS in Syria, saying "now, we've won" (2018).


“Alexa, Drop a Bomb”: Amazon Wants in on US Warfare

Nick Mottern | December 16, 2018 

2018 1216amazon-2400x1327Amazon is seeking to build a global “brain” for the Pentagon called JEDI, a weapon of unprecedented surveillance and killing power, a profoundly aggressive weapon that should not be allowed to be created.

Founded in 1994 as an online book seller, Amazon is now the world’s largest online retailer, with more than 300 million customers worldwide, and net sales of $178 billion in 2017.

Amazon has built a vast, globally distributed data storage capacity and sophisticated artificial intelligence programs to propel its retail business that it hopes to use to win a $10 billion Pentagon contract to create the aforementioned “brain” that goes by the project name Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, a moniker obviously concocted to yield the Star Wars acronym — JEDI.


What Will It Take to Save the Children of Yemen?

Jeremy Varon | November 29, 2018

I sifted through the children’s backpacks laid at the Isaiah Wall, across from the United Nations, looking for one labeled with the name of an 11 year-old boy. That’s the age of my son, and carrying it would help me feel closer to the lives we were mourning. I found one.

Abd al-llah Abdullah Hussein al-Raza, along with 39 other school children, was killed in a Saudi airstrike on August 9, 2018, in Yemen’s Saada province. They were traveling on a celebratory end-of-year field trip when a bomb hit their bus, killing eleven adults as well as the children. The United States supplied the bomb, manufactured by Lockheed Martin. In press photos, heaps of the children’s bloodied, blue backpacks anchored the grotesque tableau of a massacre.

It should not have taken the murder of school children to at last focus the world’s attention on the war that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates having been waging on Yemen since March 2015. Merciless bombardments, the sealing of ports, disease, mass starvation, and the suffering of children have been its hallmarks. Since the war’s start, more than 85,000 children under the age of five may have died from hunger alone. Any purported justification of the war as a means to thwart Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthi rebels has vaporized long ago in this ferocious depravity.


In the Name of Protecting Civilians, U.S. Certifies Escalating War Crimes in Yemen

Revolution Newspaper | September 17, 2018

yemen 600px“I certified to Congress yesterday that the governments of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are undertaking demonstrable actions to reduce the risk of harm to civilians and civilian infrastructure resulting from military operations of these governments.”

—Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, September 12

The Trump/Pence regime’s “certification” that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were reducing “harm to civilians” is worse than a sham. And so was its claim to be working to “allow unimpeded access” for humanitarian relief and taking actions to lessen the war’s catastrophic impact on Yemeni civilians.



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