Going Forward in 2016: Close Guantanamo NOW

Debra Sweet | January 3, 2015

jan11Why we protest:

14 years of an illegitimate torture camp begun by the Bush regime and continued by the Obama administration. 107 men remain, though only a few have been charged. 49 are the so-called "forever" prisoners who were tortured, meaning the U.S. does not want to try them. 48 of the prisoners have been cleared to leave for years, but the government has delayed releasing them.
Speak out to Close Guantanamo NOW!

Monday January 11, Washington DC at The White House & Union Station
12:00 The White House
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World Can't Wait and 8 other organizations join in demanding the closure of Guantanamo NOW, with a rally in front of the White House.  4-6 pm we'll be reaching out to the public at Union Station. Join us!

shaker-andy-joy-600The week of January 10 we are bringing British journalist Andy Worthington to the U.S. as part of protesting Guantanamo. Many of us have relied on Andy's relentless detailed reporting on Guantanamo and the individuals who the US government would like to disappear forever. Andy doesn't simply report "objectively" but also campaigns for justice for these men, playing a key role in mobilizing people in the UK to bring British resident and Guantanamo detainee Shaker Aamer home this fall.

And, back in NYC, Thursday January 14: Andy Worthington on the Successful Battle to Free Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo
7:00 pm Revolution Books 437 Malcolm X Blvd @ 132nd Street, NYC
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Miami Saturday January 9
Protest at US Southern Command

Huntington Beach CA January 10
Protest at Huntington Beach Pier

Washington, DC January 11
Protest at the White House

New York City Monday January 11
Protest at Father Duffy Square

Los Angeles January 11
Protest at the Federal Building

Chicago January 11
Protest at the Federal Building

San Francisco January 11
Protest at Market & Montgomery

New York City January 14
Talk by Andy Worthington: British journalist & film maker Andy Worthington of the Stand with Shaker campaign speaks on the successful battle to free Shaker Aamer after nearly 14 years in Guantanamo, and the continuing fight to close the torture camp

London January 11
Protest outside the US Embassy

Mexico City January 10
Protest outside the US Embassy

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