Protests in Bay Area Against Massacre in Afghanistan


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SJ Mercury: Afghan Americans protest military massacre in Fremont rally


FREMONT -- For Karima Tokhi, hearing about the massacre of 16 Afghanistan civilians, allegedly at the hands of an American soldier, cut straight to the heart.

"I myself have been through a war where the Russians came to my home and tried to kill us the same way," said Tokhi, 43, a native of Kandahar and a 30-year San Jose resident. "Now the Americans are doing the same thing the Russians were doing."

Tokhi was among the sign-toting, flag-waving crowd of about 300 that gathered Saturday afternoon at the Fremont Amtrak station, located in the Centerville neighborhood known as Little Kabul, for an awareness rally in the wake of last weekend's massacre.

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KRON 4 video

March 30 at 2:30pm: PROTEST at the Fremont BART. Details.

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