Protesting John Yoo at the University of Virgina Law School

John Yoo was protested by hundreds of people, including the mayor of Charlottesville, when Yoo spoke at the University of Virginia Law School on March 19. For more information on the everyday, ongoing battle to fire/disbar/prosecute John Yoo see, a project of World Can't Wait.

Debra Sweet protesting John Yoo
John Yoo
Charlottesville, VA
David Swanson and Ann Wright
Ray McGovern
Protesting John Yoo
John Yoo War Criminal

Photo: Al Thompson

Photo: Shepherd Johnson

Video with Debra Sweet's speech at the beginning

Photos from Shepherd Johnson



David Swanson and Ann Wright


Ray McGovern

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Photo: Garrie Rouse

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Video of Mayor of Charlottesville at John Yoo protest
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