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March 20: Stop the Wars and Torture for Empire!

Under President Obama, the US now has more troops deployed than it ever did under Bush! NOW is the time to raise the resistance and mobilize in the streets to demand an end to these unjust, immoral wars and occupations.

On the day marking the 7th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, join World Can't Wait in Washington, D.C. on March 19/20 with Peace of the Action and the ANSWER Coalition. More details

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Stop the Escalation, Out of Afghanistan Now!

At some point soon in the days and weeks ahead, Barack Obama will announce his plans for escalating and extending the U.S. war in Afghanistan. As Debra Sweet wrote recently, “whether Obama announces a troop increase to Afghanistan, or chooses the covert operations & unmanned drone option to try to "win" in Afghanistan, we should be in the streets opposing any escalation.” Get this leaflet out in your cities and towns, schools and workplaces and everywhere you can think of, and make plans for manifesting opposition right after the announcement is made.

PDF for leaflets; Leaflet in Spanish


Letter to the Anti-War Movement


“That which you do not resist and mobilize to stop you will learn – or be forced – to accept.”
From the Call to Drive out the Bush Regime, 2005
Barack Obama is sending a surge of 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.
An antiwar movement that does not move immediately to oppose the Obama doctrine of shifting the central front of the war on terror to Afghanistan, no longer deserves to be called an anti-war movement.
Millions of people voted for Obama because they thought he would end the war. Yet Obama filled his cabinet with Hillary “Obliterate Iran” Clinton, Robert Gates, James Jones and Susan Rice (“a kettle of hawks,” said Jeremy Scahill).
He is not only continuing an unjust war by leaving 80,000 troops and 17 permanent bases in Iraq, and all over the region, including nuclear carrier-led task forces with enough firepower to "annihilate" any country in the region, but Obama is enlisting many progressive sections of society to support and be complicit in waging a spreading war for U.S. hegemony and imperialist expansion known as the “war on terror.”


Mission Statement

The World Can’t Wait organizes people living in the United States to repudiate and stop the fascist direction initiated by the Bush Regime, including: the murderous, unjust and illegitimate occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan; the global “war of terror” of torture, rendition and spying; and the culture of bigotry, intolerance and greed. This direction cannot and will not be reversed by leaders who tell us to seek common ground with fascists, religious fanatics, and empire. It can only be possible by the people building a community of resistance - an independent mass movement of people - acting in the interests of humanity to stop, and demand prosecution, of these crimes.

NYC Meeting to Galvanize Opposition to War and Torture


What is the responsibility of the anti-war movement as the occupation of Iraq continues into a 7th year?  And as the first wave of 30,000 additional troops is sent to Afghanistan?


On March 5th, Fr. Luis Barrios, Elaine Brower,  and Matthis Chiroux, addressed these questions, and made plans for moblizing mass actions on March 19th, and beyond, at a New York meeting. Debra Sweet moderating. 
Matthis Chiroux: Matthis is an Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran, honorably discharged after 5 years in the army. But he received forced reactivation orders for Iraq, and has publicly refused those orders. Thus, he is now a military
Elaine Brower: Elaine is a leader of World Can't Wait and outspoken activist against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her son is currently stationed in Iraq.  "It's Not OK."
Fr. Luis Barrios: Luis is an Episcopal Priest and Chair of the Department of Latin American and Latina/o Studies at John Jay College. On Monday, he will report for a 2 months sentence in federal prison for civil disobedience to Shut Down the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia last November.
Watch the web-cast:


Statement to the Anti-War Movement in the US

To the Anti-War Movement in the United States:alt

Barack Obama is sending a surge of 20,000 troops to Afghanistan.

An antiwar movement that does not move immediately to oppose the Obama doctrine of shifting the central front of the war on terror to Afghanistan, no longer deserves to be called an anti-war movement.

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New Flyer on Torture & the Election of a New President

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Your government is openly torturing people... and justifying it.

Will the election of a new president stop this?




On February 5, 2008 CIA Director Michael Hayden stood before Congress and admitted CIA officers aterboarded three detainees. Two days after Hayden's admission, U.N. High Commissioner For Human Rights Louise Arbour classified waterboarding as torture.

On April 9, 2008 ABC News reported that Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, John shcroft, Colin Powell, and George Tenet met regularly in the White House to discuss and approve arious forms of torture-including waterboarding-for use on detainees. On April 11, President eorge W. Bush himself admitted approving these meetings, saying: "And yes, I'm aware our national security team met on this issue. And I approved."

As of December 2007, according to Amnesty International, the U.S. was known to be holding 275 etainees in Guantanamo Bay, ("Gitmo") Cuba. All but a handful of these detainees have never been charged, and have never received a trial. The vast majority of these detainees were turned over to the U.S. by warlords; they were not captured on the battlefield. Even the U.S. military only haracterizes only 8% of these detainees as Al-Qaeda fighters. 


"No Torture We Won't Live in A Torture State" Banner


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NO Torture Materials


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World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.