Stolen Lives: Names of Those Killed by Police

World Can't Wait | December 11, 2014

Someone is killed by the police every 28 hours. These are just a few of the names we know about. Print out these names and bring them with when you protest - we won't forget them.

Image of list of names

Print out this list - cut the names apart and then tape them together to create a long ribbon, visually illustrating the scope of police murder. Seen above: names of Palestinians killed during Israel's assault on Gaza, summer 2014.

Oscar Grant, killed in Oakland CA.
Amadou Diallo, killed in Bronx NY.
Eric Garner,  killed in Staten Island, NY.
Sean Bell, killed in Queens NY.
Michael Brown, killed in Ferguson MO.
Tamir Rice, killed in Cleveland OH.
Patrick Dorismond, killed in Brooklyn NY.
Eleanor Bumpers, killed in NYC.
Michael Stewart, killed in NYC.
Alan Blueford, killed in Oakland CA.
Misty Holt-Singh, killed in Stockton CA.
Gilbert Renteria Jr, killed in Stockton CA.
Alex Gregory Martinez, killed in Stockton CA.
Justin Davis, killed in Germantown MD.
Kenneth Johnson, killed in North Las Vegas.
Richard Duncalf, killed in Kent, WA.
Joaquin Cibrian, killed in La Joya TX.
Lori Knowles, killed in Henry County GA.
Luis Jobel, killed in Los Angeles CA.
Nicholas Llister, killed in Mill Creek UT.
Robert Henderson, killed in Huntington WV.
Stephen Isby, killed in Chicago IL.
Charles Mozdir, killed in NYC.
Josh Edwards, killed in Christian Co, CO.
Richard Nelson, killed in Honolulu HI.
Daniel Pierre, killed in Winslow Township NJ.
Yee Vang, killed in Mpls MN.
Maria Rodriguez, killed in Bakersfield CA.
John Crawford, killed in Beavercreek OH.
Ezell Ford, killed in Los Angeles CA.
Roshad McIntosh, killed in Chicago IL.
Michelle Cusseaux, killed in Phoenix AZ.
Diane Showman, killed in San Jose, CA.
Sonny Wagner, killed in Newton, KS.
Justin Armstrong, killed in Pinetop, AZ.
Ramarley Graham, killed in Bronx NY.
Akai Gurley, killed in Brooklyn NY.
Rekia Boyd, killed in Chicago IL.
Manuel Diaz, killed in Anaheim CA.
Jamaal Moore, killed in Chicago, IL.
Aiyana Stanley-Jones, killed in Detroit, MI.
Malcolm Ferguson, killed in Bronx, NY.
Nicholas Heyward, Jr, killed in Brooklyn, NY.
Rekia Boyd, killed in Chicago, IL
Timur Person, killed in NYC.
Kenny Lazo, killed in Suffolk Co, NY.
Jacqui Graham, killed in East Orange, NJ.
Randy Weaver, killed in East Orange, NJ.
Image of list of names

Clck here for a series of posters of the faces of people killed by police, as seen above (size: 11" x 17").

Kendrick McDade, killed in Pasadena, CA.
DeAunta Farrell, killed in West Memphis, TN.
Malissa Williams, killed in Cleveland, OH.  
Timothy Russell, killed in Cleveland, OH.
Manuel Flores, killed in Albuquerque, NM.
Jeremy Lake, killed in Tulsa, OK.
Kajieme Powell, killed in St. Louis, MO.
Mary Hawkes, killed in Alburquerque, NM.
Clinton Allen, killed in Dallas, TX.
Joel Acevedo, killed in Anaheim, CA.
Tyisha Miller, killed in Riverside, CA.
Prince C. Jones, killed in Prince Georges Co, MD.
Anthony Baez, killed in Bronx, NY.
Mark Anthony Barmore, killed in Rockford, IL.
Corey Harris, killed in Chicago, IL.
Tyler Woods, killed in Long Beach, CA.
Omar Abrego, killed in Los Angeles, CA.
VonDerrit Myers, killed in St. Louis, MO.
DeSean Pittman, killed in Chicago, IL.
LaTanya Haggerty, killed in Chicago, IL.
Dakota Bright, killed in Chicago, IL.
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