Reports and Analysis of the US-Led Intervention in Libya

The war in Libya growing more illegal by the day

The illegal war in Libya

Corporate Media’s Capital Crimes Against Libya – and Humanity

McKinney Fact-Finders Show Libyan Deaths, Injuries Not “Propaganda”

Apartheid, Sand Nigger Style: The Tunisian Model for a New Colonialism in Libya?

Veterans for Peace: Statement on Military Intervention in Libya

History shows us that this type of intervention rarely goes without blowback and unintended consequences, perhaps with a $1.4 trillion deficit and a domestic budget in crisis our best outcome would be to support peaceful alternatives and not add to the violence of a Libyan civil war at all.

Phyllis Bennis: U.K. Sends Troops into Libya as International Coalition Expands Mission to Include Regime Change (Democracy Now! Interview April 19, 2011)

Debra Sweet:  This is no "Humanitarian Intervention" in Libya

Flier: Are the U.S. Wars on the Middle East wrong because they cost so much?

Margaret Kimberley: Obama, Libya, and Our Challenge: the True Anti-War Movement Must Reawaken

Revolution Newspaper: True Stories of U.S. "Humanitarian" Intervention

William Blum: Barack "I'd kill for a peace prize" Obama

Jill McLaughlin: Don’t be Confused: U.S. “Intervention” in Libya is Immoral and Illegitimate Too

Sunsara Taylor (video): No Good Can Come from U.S. Led Intervention in Libya!

Kathleen Barry: Libyan Liberation – Is There Another Way?

Middle East Research and Information Project: Of Principle and Peril

Watch: Left Forum Panel on Resisting War with Pardiss Kebriaei, Matthis Chiroux, Eric Stoner and Debra Sweet

Moral bankruptcy in Libya war


Main Obama Reports and Analysis of the US-Led Intervention in Libya


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