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Debra Sweet | December 14, 2022

The world still cannot wait for the United States to cease being the biggest danger to world peace.  Please support the message from people living in this country that humanity and the planet come first with your year-end donation to World Can't Wait.

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Dangerous events in 2022 - the proxy war between the U.S./NATO and Russia fought at the risk of Ukraine’s people, and the U.S. provocations toward China – mean that the existential threat of nuclear war is now, horribly, not unthinkable. A mass rejection of wars of aggression and the system promoting it from people in the imperialist countries here, in Russia and Europe is how the interests of global humanity and the planet can be realized. World Can’t Wait’s mission of “humanity and the planet come first” is one of protest on the streets, such as this year’s No Nuclear War actions, and struggle with people living in the U.S. who have been led to think “America First.”

January 11 is the 21st anniversary of the U.S. torture camp at Guantanamo with which the U.S. threatens humanity. Join us in demanding Close Guantanamo Now and justice for those unjustly held there and in CIA “black sites." We’ll be live this year in Washington DC, outside the White House demanding that Biden, finally, acts to close it.

Our path-breaking project We Are Not Your Soldiers now has 9 regular presenters: veterans of the U.S. wars on Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and of the global network of U.S. bases maintaining U.S. imperialist domination. The project is in a third year of virtual presence, after 12 years of in-person class visits, but the quality of engagement with students remains high, even sharpened. The presenters bring their own stories to students as living history lessons, giving them an understanding of how dangerous it is to sign up with the potential of losing their health, lives and, most of all, their humanity.

It is only with your help that we have internet presence and communication tools to continue our ground-breaking project of bringing veterans into classrooms without any charge to the schools. How else, in 2022, would we have reached over 1000 young people in a variety of high school and college classrooms, even occasional well-prepared middle school classes, where they heard the voices of these veterans and engaged in deep dialogue with them, not only on what has happened to them but also on what has happened to the people of countries around the world due to U.S. military intervention?

We hope you’ll take advantage of these premiums: Three of the We Are Not Your Soldiers speakers have published memoirs!

Choose one as a premium for a donation of $50 | Choose 2 for $100 or more | Choose 3 for $150 or more. Or, choose to donate copies to a school where We Are Not Your Soldiers speaks

joybookJoy Damiani—If You Ain't Cheatin', You Ain't Tryin' and Other Lessons I Learned in the Army
"Chronicles one skeptical soldier's uncensored misadventures in creatively coping with life, the military, and a mission full of oxymorons in the early years of the Global War on Terror.'... irreverent humor and great insight...this is an impressively perspicacious reflection, as astute as it is personally forthcoming. A thoughtful examination of the tension between the demands of journalism and military life." –Kirkus Reviews

rosabookRosa del Duca—Breaking Cadence
"It’s hard to believe that a 17-year-old who can’t vote or drink can go to war. Del Duca’s experience as one of those teens—who joined the National Guard to pay for college and then finds herself on the verge of being sent to fight a war she thinks is morally wrong—is as harrowing as they come. I was riveted by her story and her strength."
— Julia Scheeres, author of NYT bestseller Jesus Land and A Thousand Lives 


lyebookLyle Rubin—Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body: A Marine's Unbecoming
An honest reckoning with the war on terror, masculinity, and the violence of American hegemony abroad, at home, and on the psyche, from a veteran whose convictions came undone. When Lyle Jeremy Rubin first arrived at Marine Officer Candidates School, he was convinced that the “war on terror” was necessary to national security. He also subscribed to a strict code of manhood that military service conjured and perpetuated. Then he began to train and his worldview shattered. Honorably discharged five years later, Rubin returned to the United States with none of his beliefs, about himself or his country, intact. 

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Debra Sweet and Stephanie Rugoff

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World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.