LA Anti-War Protest on 7th Anniversary of Invasion of Iraq

Report from the LA chapter
We had small but visually powerful contingent. Yahoo news reported couple of hundred, but to me it seemed like 3500 - 5000. WNYS contingent; two banner holders; two orange jumpsuits, 1 Stop torture banner and 2 folks agitating and passing out double sided orange flyers (Why we March with organizing meeting info and WANYS flyer). Flyers taken up easily.

LA We Are Not Your Soldiers
Obama belongs to corporations

Adela, in orange jumpsuit, got interviewed by KPFK both English and Spanish; key points; We Are Not Your Soldiers, Prosecute Torturers War Criminals, this is Obama's war and he is complicit with giving safe haven to war criminals.

Later on a Spanish language 5:00 p.m. Pacifica News cast when lines were opened. Adela again called in and added to what other callers were saying. Callers said March was 7-8000 (seems high). Most callers agreed that it was spirited, lots of banners represented from different organizations. Many brought up economy and need to focus on health care and jobs, not warfare. Adela followed a caller who said that yes, the economic crisis is great, but he was wondering where the unions were, the teachers who are getting laid off, etc. They should be out protesting. He felt numbers were too low given the situation and that he felt many folks were taken by Obama and disillusioned that change had not happened. Adela agreed with him, mentioning that in his campaign Obama promised to attack Afghanistan and that he would not hesitate to go into Pakistan. None of this is new. It is significant that all these groups came together across the country to protest Obama's war. This is Obama's war. What was great about march is the number of youth that were out. Our contingent was in front of spirited youth; lots of young women calling out the cost of war to women. (I think it was the Gabriela Network )

Call in to radio shows when possible! It's a good way of getting reports out.

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