Marching for NATO/US War Victims

By Debra Sweet 

This week, leading up to the NATO war criminals summit in Chicago, we are protesting, reaching out, and mobilizing people to oppose these crimes and focus on the victims - who so often go unnamed.

We are inviting people everywhere to contribute the names of victims of NATO violence, using the hashtag #NATOvictims. We will recite the names as part of a Memorial for the Victims of US/NATO Wars on May 21, the second day of the NATO Summit. Stay tuned for more details of the event -- to be released shortly. See: Remembering the Victims: #NATOvictims.

Diplomats from 50 countries and the international press is gathering and we're here too, after months of preparation. We're finding it more important than ever to confront these war crimes and to bring more people into these protests. Below are ways in which we're informing ourselves and others, and doing outreach to sections of the people that are from countries which are targeted by NATO, many of whom know what it's like to be an immigrant or live through an illegitimate war.

In Chicago this week? During the day we're showing films at the protest convergence space & sending outreach teams around the city. Banners in multiple languages are already on the ground, being used tohelp with outreach to Arabic, Spanish, Urdu, and Farsi/Dari speakers as we go out to different neighborhoods and make sure that everyone knows about the NATO/OTAN protests. Click here for more info and get involved.

Thursday May 17 at noon after a press conference of international supporters of the NATO protest, World Can't Wait and other organizations will protest downtown, focusing on the victims of the drone war carried out by the US and NATO countries. This is an opportunity to reach people working downtown and at all the NATO consulates with why we are protesting the NATO summit. The action starts at Obama Campaign HQ: #1 Prudential Plaza, (close to corner of Michigan & Randolph).

Every evening, there's something to do:

Wednesday May 16:
Book Presentation by Kevin Gosztola on
Truth and Consequences: The U.S. vs. Bradley Manning by Greg Mitchell and Kevin Gosztola
Sponsored and hosted by Revolution Books
7 pm, 1103 N. Ashland Ave

Thursday May 17:
Post-9/11 Targeting of Muslims: Naming the Victims, Naming the Repression with Lynne Jackson of Albany-based Project SALAAM
7 pm, St. Luke's Logan Square, 2649 N. Francisco
Facebook event - invite your friends

Friday May 18:

World Can't Wait's International Voices for Humanity and the Planet: An Evening of Arts to Oppose NATO
David Rovics and an acoustic set by rockers Outernational unplugged headline an evening of music, spoken word, and more celebrating our resistance! With speakers from countries targeted by NATO and the US.
7 pm, St. Luke's Logan Square, 2649 N. Francisco
Buy ticket(s) online
Facebook event - invite your friends

Saturday May 19:
War Criminals Watch advisor David Swanson on "Lifting the Shadow of War"
Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ
7 pm, 615 W. Wellington Ave. Sunday May 20:
1st Day of NATO Summit
12 noon - Mass March: Say NO to NATO!
Meet at 11am at Petrillo Shell, Jackson Blvd & Columbus Dr., Chicago
Join the World Can't Wait contingent - see details & sign up

Monday May 21:
2nd Day of NATO Summit
Stay tuned for details on the Memorial for Victims of NATO

Protesting NATO by Margaret Kimberley:
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a cold war relic with no positive use in the 21st century. Its original intent, or so it was claimed, was to protect western nations from a supposedly threatening Soviet block. The Soviet Union collapsed, and now some of the old Soviet bloc states are NATO members themselves. Why does this organization still exist?

The explanation is simple, but not very pretty.
Read more... NATO in Chicago May 20-21: War Criminals Summit from Revolution:
NATO presents itself, and is portrayed in the major media of this country and countries it is allied with, as a force for “humanitarian interests.” On its website, NATO claims to be a “leading contributor to peace and security on the international stage.” This benign self image is a vicious lie and masquerade that influences the thinking of far too many people in the U.S. and around the world.

What Law & What Process for Muslims in America? by Kevin Gosztola
Abdul Malik Mujahid, founder of the Muslim Peace Coalition, spoke about the targeting of Muslims in America. He notes 400,000 Muslims live in Chicago, but very few Muslims will be out protesting NATO this weekend. That is because there is a “fear regime” that discourages Muslims from participating. This regime includes monitoring and spying by the FBI, which has grown into a domestic intelligence agency that has interviewed over 700,000 Muslims since the September 11th attacks.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Director, The World Can't Wait

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