Abortion Rights: Still on OUR Agenda

By Debra Sweet

The film Abortion, Morality and the Liberation of Women is being seen by people via YouTube and through organized showings, including at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro last month. This is exactly the kind of conversation we're trying to spark with this film:
"I brought up the three points... that should serve as a foundational basis of what we stand for: a fetus is not a baby, abortion is not murder, women are not incubators, and talked about how those points are probably completely non-controversial amongst the people in the room, but which had been compromised and diluted to near meaninglessness by the sections of the movement that are subservient to the Democratic Party.
There was some back and forth about this, leading to a bit of discussion over who we're trying to win over, and what we're saying to do so. One student suggested that more people would agree that a first trimester fetus is not viable, and therefore we could maybe get people to at least agree that abortions at this stage should stay legal. Another student challenged that idea...Read more.
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On March 20, we were in front of the White House in an impromptu teach-in about torture for tourists, and those arriving at the anti-war rally.  Carrying her Starbucks cup and her rosary, an anti-abortion lunatic screamed the whole time about the "war" on babies.
She wasn't against the murder of Afghan babies -- we clarified that -- but against women in this country having abortions.  I got tired of her, and just let loose in favor of the rights of women -- and got lots of applause from tourists and protesters alike.
What about the healthcare reform? Read my piece, Damn, We Need a Morning After the Healthcare Bill Pill:
If you missed the news because you've been protesting for immigrant rights or against the U.S. illegitimate wars all weekend, or otherwise not paying attention, the savior of the health bill is Barack Obama's Executive Order "ensuring enforcement and implementation of abortion restrictions in the patient protection and affordable care act."

An Executive Order has the force of a law, except…it does not need to be reaffirmed every year, as the restrictions on abortion for poor women in the Hyde Amendment, part of appropriation bills, have had to be.  In fact, it's permanent.

Also check out RH Reality Check's video on the anti-abortion "Black Genocide" billboards posted around Atlanta by the Right to Life, and their connection to even more legislation that restricts access to abortions for women who need them.

We don't usually like to link to Operation Rescue's website for obvious reasons, but it's important to be aware of their plans and threats. And see Dennis Loo's new piece: GOP & Tea Partiers: "Let's Beat That Other Side to a Pulp!"


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