Saying NO to Obama's War Moves in Afghanistan

Last week, thousands, -- but not tens or hundreds of thousands, or the millions needed to stop this war -- protested Obama's war surge in Afghanistan.  Across the country, groups of people from Honolulu to Maine to Florida, gathered, mostly on Wednesday, to respond with anger and outrage to 30,000 more troops from the US, and others from NATO, destroying one of the poorest countries in the world. 
About 300 people gathered outside the gate at West Point on December 1 to protest the escalation Obama announced, more than protested there during the Bush era. Over and over, people talked about having voted for Obama, but now being disillusioned, and really "heart broken" as Matthis Chiroux, the Iraq war resister put it. The protest was intense, as the group marched silently to the main gate of West Point. Once there, we chanted "STOP THIS WAR NOW!" and "30,000 More! What the hell FOR?"
18 people, including 4 high school students, sat in front of the gate, with 6 arrested for disorderly conduct.

We will need to answer the arguments Barack Obama, in his Bush-like speech, made to justify the escalation.   See Articles on Obamas Speech by:

Ken Theisen; Dennis Loo; Larry Jones



This past week, our answer was in the streets.  Elaine Brower writes At West Point, Anti-War Protesters Voice Their Dissent. Matthis Chiroux's story "We will be your Insurgency" was posted on USA Today's website.


World Can't Wait received reports of protests in almost 100 cities... 

Organizers reported that many people who came out to protest and had voted for Obama were deeply disillusioned, some shocked, at the escalation. There were more people than expected protesting in Chicago, and arrests in Minneapolis and Madison in planned civil resistance actions.  World Can't Wait did a dramatic "wedding party" die-in. See video.

The World Can't Wait speaker in San Francisco, where almost 1000 people protested, asked the crowd to imagine that the news helicopters over the march were US bombers or drones, and led a chant "Barack Obama Has Blood on His Hands! U.S. OUT of Afghanistan!"

40 people responded to the call put out by World Can't Wait-Hawai`i to protest at the Federal Building in Honolulu. Some came with their own signs.  Some picked up the bright orange signs brought by World Can't Wait. "Stop the War in Afghanistan," "Stop the Bombing of Pakistan," "Stop Thinking Like an American and Start Thinking About Humanity," "No Wars for Empire" and more.   Some hastily scrawled their personal messages on cardboard. The 8-lane avenue in front of Federal Buildingas jam-packed with commuters.  Many honked, waved, or gave us a shaka.   A car-load of GI's saw us, began yelling their support, and then pulled up alongside the protesters to give an enthusiastic  "thank you" - and they were just one carload among many GI's who waved or shouted their support.


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