In the Nobel Peace Prize for War Makers Department

By Debra Sweet

Barack Obama just joined the esteemed company of other US winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, notorious peace-niks Henry Kissinger and Theodore Roosevelt.
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Note that Barack Obama is about to sign the biggest war-funding bill in world history; almost certainly will go with the generals and send 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan; is destroying the Kyoto climate negotiations; is refusing to release detainees already cleared and holding them indefinitely; and is directing the rush production of a huge "bunker busting" bomb to attack Iran? 
Glen Greenwald, this morning: "Already this year, [Obama] not only escalated the American war in Afghanistan, but has ordered air raids that have produced things like the destruction pictured here.
That was from a May airstrike in which over 100 Afghan civilians were killed by American jets -- one of many similar incidents this year, including one only a week ago that killed 9 Afghan civilians.  How can someone responsible for that, and who has only escalated that war, possibly be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the very same year that he did that?  Does that picture above look like the work of a Nobel Peace laureate?"
I'm seeing comments today that indicate some people against the war are hoping -- against hope -- that this prize will force Obama to be more peace-like.  But the Nobel Committee once again kept the world status-quo in place, and gave the prize to Barack Obama only to re-enforce his use of "multi-lateral" negotiations, (i.e. superpower bullying) instead of the Bush doctrine style of unilateral invastion.


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