To Haiti from US: Rescue & Care, Not Occupation!

From the Steering Committee of World Can’t Wait  

A Haitian lawyer says; "Haiti needs 12,000 doctors, Obama sent 12,000 troops to help us to death."  American transport planes fly over Haiti with loudspeakers, telling the one million homeless people that if they leave by boat, they will be stopped by the Coast Guard and sent to Guantanamo Bay, now notorious for torturing Muslim men.  International medical volunteers tell of unconscionable delays because the US military commandeered the airport to move troops in, turning away doctors, and delaying for days a full mobile hospital from Doctors Without Borders.  .01% of what the US spends each year on occupying Iraq & Afghanistan ($100 million) is not enough for Haiti, already impoverished by 200 years of colonialism, and devastated by 2008's hurricanes.

We demand that US immigration restrictions be lifted now, and injured Haitians be given medical visas so that hospitals can treat their injuries.
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