We Know

By Kathleen Kirwin

They disappeared
caskets of dead
soldiers coming home;
cameras out of view.
We knew.
They did not count
all they killed;
the killed do not count
at all.
We knew.
They said the
mission was accomplished.

They said the
mission was through.
Mission Untrue.
We knew.
Murder and maim,
democracy’s name.
Murder and maim
and use our name.
Death for sale by enterprise.
Devil’s bargains stealing souls.
We know. We know. We know.
CODE ORANGE: Amendments missing!
Description: 1,4,5,8,13
If you see them,
Their mother is worried.
Reward for safe return.
We know.
Supreme Court fire sale:
Half off for
Politicians while they last.
We know.
Afghan children.
Dead Iraqi
Dead Palestinian children.
We are the greatest
nation in the world. Dead Afghan
Iraqi children.
Dead Palestinian children.
A plague on both your Houses
of Congress. A plague
on the House that is White.
We know.
Torture in secret.
plane trips to hell;
Bored with water?
Don’t ask
and Don’t tell.
We know.
Robots loom the skies alone.
Robots in command. Let them protest
all they want
but still they’ll pay the bill. We know.
Terror reigns as they terrorize.
Terror never was
if they close their eyes.
We know.
They raid at night while
families sleep,
never waking like the dead.
Impeach for treason; Sue for peace.
The poorest among us
now all among us. We know.
Too Late
Stress Syndrome.
We know.
State your occupation please:
We know.
Ibn Khaldun: Government
is an institution which prevents injustice
Other than such as
it commits itself.
We know.


The author will be joining the protests in Washington, DC against the war on October 6th.