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U.S. Troops Out of Iraq and Afghanistan NOW!

World Can’t Wait leaflet for March 20 protests: PDF version here
The U.S is occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, and now has more combat troops – 166,000, with 30,000 more on the way – than during the Bush years. President Obama is using drones (pilotless aircraft) on raids into Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, killing hundreds of civilians. All of these attacks are against international law, because none of these countries attacked the U.S.


Torture & War Criminal Posters

Posters & Leaflets for May 28th

11" x 17" Black & White Posters:

Addington  Ashcroft  Bush  Bybee  Cheney  Feith  Gonzales  Haynes  Negroponte  Pelosi  Petraeus  Rice

Rove  Rumsfeld Tenet  Yoo  War Criminals Watch

11" x 17" Color Posters:

Addington Ashcroft  Bush  Bybee Cheney  Feith  Gonzales  Haynes  Negroponte  Pelosi  Petraeus  Rice

Rove  Rumsfeld  Tenet  Yoo

Afiches en español – 11” x 17” blanco y negro

Addington  Ashcroft  Bush  Bybee  Cheney  Feith  Gonzales  Haynes  Rice  Rumsfeld  Tenet  Yoo

2-Up 8 1/2" x 11" (use these if you don't have the capability to print the large posters and/or if you want to place your local information about your event on the reverse side):

Addington  Ashcroft  Bush  Bybee  Cheney  Feith  Gonzales  Haynes  Negroponte  Pelosi  Petraeus

Rice   Rove  Rumsfeld  Tenet  Yoo   War Criminals Watch

National Leaflet (note: if you use the Word document, you must use the associated JPEG with it):

PDF - front   PDF - back

Word - front  JPEG - front

Folleto Nacional (se puede añadir información local):

PDF - ambos lados  PDF - frente  PDF - dorso

Word - frente  Word - dorso

Posters for World Can't Wait by the artist Dread Scott 

Note: The 11x17 of the "Tortured Logic" can be printed smaller or even a little larger if you so desire. The 17x22 "Yes We Can" can be printed at that size or smaller.

Tortured Logic  - 11 x 17  Tortured Logic - 8.5 x 11

Yes We Can - 17 x 22  Yes We Can - scale (use this if you want to make it larger than 17 x 22)

Dread Scott - Afiches en español

Si se puede 17 x 22 (se lo puede reducir)  Logica torturada - 8.5 x 11 
Lógica torturada - 11 x 17

Enlarged Torture Photos for Posters (11x17 panels -- tile together for larger poster)

Abu Ghraib Bunk

Abu Ghraib Dogs in Hall

Abu Ghraib Punch

Designed to Fit on Old WCW Posters (can be enlarged 200% at photocopying store - 2 posters on each page measuring 18"x24" 36" wide black and white copier - staple on existing old posters)

WCW Bunk

WCW Dogs

WCW Punch

The U.S. Government Tortured Children: Demand War Crimes Prosecutions Now!

Action: Monday March 30  -  4:00 pm
Join World Can't Wait in front of the New York Times building, 8th Avenue between 40/41st Streets
Be part of a contingent of "detainees" representing the criminal torture by the U.S. government. We will display a banner reading "The U.S. government tortured children" & "Prosecute the Bush Regime now!"   
A new book by professor Michael Haas reveals that the Bush Regime detained and tortured thousands of children in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo.  In “George W. Bush, War Criminal?” Haas—who has taught at schools including Northwestern University and the University of London—reports that, while imprisoned, these children were subjected to various forms of physical and psychological torture that included:
Rape; severe physical beatings; solitary confinement; denial of contact with parents for years at a time; use of dogs
Child Detention on a Shocking Scale:
            * In May 2008, Human Rights Watch reported that the U.S. had detained 2400 children in Iraq since 2003, including 100 new children per month in 2007.
            * Haas reports that, in 2002 alone, the U.S. captured “at least 800 boys, aged 10 to 15” in Afghanistan, and sent 64 of them to Guantanamo.
Prosecute the Bush Regime for War Crimes: 


Indefinite Detention Is Torture

World Can't Wait | April 2018

Download PDF


Thanks To Chelsea Manning

Download PDF 

Thanks to Chelsea Manning

it's no secret...

solitary confinement is 'no touch' torture

U.S. largely BOUGHT Guantanamo prisoners

your government keeps a tally of civilian casualties

FBI trained Egypt's secret police

official U.S. policy ignored prisoner abuse and torture in Iraq

"rules of engagement" permit bombing of children


"Still I Rise" -- Hands Up!

world can't wait | July 13, 2016

Download The PDF

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World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.