War Criminal Karl Rove Chased from UCSB Campus


Feb 25, 2010 was a good day at UCSB. Criminal Karl Rove was vigorously protested, walked out on, and pursued by student demonstrators who refused to remain passive while the university hosts, and the Obama admin protects, people like Rove. Below are only a handful of the media outlets the event was covered in. It sparked broader debate about the viability of protest and resistance to what's done in our names, and started to get a better "polarization" going, keeping in mind the contradictory sentiments among students that recent investigations in Revolution newspaper have been portraying and analyzing.
This was all about breaking out of "the thoughtless who never doubt and the thoughtful who never ACT." Remember, Feb 25, 1970, William Kunstler spoke on the UCSB campus, a progressive professor was sacked, and black student leaders took over a building. Feb 26, 1970, students rioted and burned down a local bank. The Campus Republicans picked a good date on which to invite Rove and unite progressive forces on campus. Dead Prez even performed the same night, and did a panel with Students For Justice in Palestine that afternoon, in which they encouraged students to be creative in their protest against Rove. Enjoy!
UCSB Karl Rove Protest
(David Horowitz comes out in it and gets denounced by protestors who spot him, and students challenge Rove's audience members going in to his speech)

Karl Rove Chased Out of UCSB 2-25-10
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KEYT News: A visit from one of the nation's most polarizing political figures sparked outrage at UCSB Thursday night.

Midday headlines Feb 26: Karl Rove at UCSB (podcast)
KCSB podcast from Feb 23, 2010



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