The Torturer’s Book Tour: Protests Greet Yoo in Austin, Houston

From a letter by an Austin activist
: I just left the John Yoo protest at University of Texas...There were at least 25 protesters, possibly more after the campus police made me leave the event. When I got to the other side of the building, where I stood with a protest sign facing street traffic throughout the Yoo event, the campus newspaper Daily Texan interviewed me about the police claim that a peaceful protest by non-students was illegal....and why this John Yoo event that was supposed to be open to the public was changed to only those who were given tickets.
Coverage from Austin American-Statesman
I spoke with the head of the Texas ACLU who attended and several people who were not familiar with Yoo's work supporting torture, warrantless wiretaps, etc. Also, I signed a couple people up for World Can’t Wait’s email list and took several photos that will be sent your way ASAP. Thanks for letting me know about this event...I was given many thumbs up and thank you gestures by people who saw my anti-Yoo poster.

This is taken from a report by Bart Boyce of the Houston Progressive Action Alliance
A small number of people - mostly World Can't Wait people , and a small representation from PAA and other groups came to protest John Yoo when he spoke at the Houston Club. It would seem that in a city our size a few more would take the time to protest the absolute evil that Yoo and Bybee represent in our society. These are the men that inked the torture memo's giving the Bush/Cheney cabal carte blanche to justify Abu Ghraib among other war atrocities .

Upon arrival , the Professor / Attorney was greeted by a group who had been chanting things like .....

" Here's a greeting for the Bush/Cheney henchmen ...
            F**K  YOO
   some people kill people with a Fountain Pen
            F**K  YOO  ! "

  all in all , it was a way too small , but endearing protest ..... 


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