Why is Sustaining Special?

Samantha Goldman | March 11, 2015

World Can't Wait operates on a shoe-string budget as an all-volunteer non-profit organization and accepts a variety of donation amounts and ways of giving. Large one time contributions that many people make at the end of the year serve very important purposes especially for projects like We Are Not Your Soldiers Tours and other events. However, what we are able to do in promoting the message that “humanity and the planet come first” hinges on those that make the monthly commitment to sustain.

Sometimes people don't think that the small amount they are able to give each month will make a difference. However, it matters tremendously. Each dollar, each month, helps determine how visible and consistent the resistance to the crimes of this government is. When you sign up to sustain, you promise, every month, to join with those standing up against seemingly endless wars for empire. Sustainers matter not only for the dollars that brought in each month, but in the promise that those people make to be there to stop the crimes, to stand with all of humanity, each and every month.

Your monthly commitment of $10 a month, or more, goes to work in raising people's sights, changing what they think is possible, and mobilizing people to take the kind of mass independent action that can stop the crimes of our government. Think about it...for the cost of a few cups of coffee you could invest in an organization that you know will stand its ground. You're only a click away —— sustain today.

We are in the middle of many connected struggles — putting the onus of these crimes where it belongs, —directly on the U.S. government. We are indicting this government for its brutal wars and occupations, for its attacks on women, for their murderous criminalization of millions of Black and Latino people, for their mass surveillance and attacks on whistleblowers. If you are not okay with your government making the world a hunting ground for remote control drones, NSA data vacuuming, and indefinite detention, then now is the time to sustain World Can't Wait.

Samantha Goldman is a member of the World Can't Wait national steering committee.