Statement on the Raid on Guantanamo

From the Steering Committee of World Can't Wait | April 15, 2013

Guantanamo + Silence=Death Camp

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World Can't Wait strongly condemns the violence perpetrated on the detainees by Guantanamo military personnel on the morning of April 13th. Guards attempted to extract the detainees from the communal cells and place them in solitary amid what the military says were concerns that more detainees were joining the hunger strike in secret by obstructing cameras and blocking the view into the cells with blankets to avoid being force-fed.

The military claims that they fired four less than lethal rounds on the detainees when the detainees attempted to fight back during the extraction.  According to a statement released by the White House, the Obama administration was informed in advance about plans for the raid. It is doubtful that this raid could have been carried out without the consent and backing of the commander in chief, Barack Obama.

We want to make it explicitly clear that the hunger strike, a form of protest, that the detainees have been engaged in is morally justifiable in light of their continued detention and the torture they have endured. They have been force-fed with tubes shoved up their noses and into their stomachs and at times deprived of potable drinking water. They have been denied contact with their loved ones and some have been in Guantanamo for over a decade.  166 detainees remain imprisoned, 157 haven't been charged and 86 have been cleared for release.  

It is the actions of Obama and his administration, the actions of the military personnel, and the inaction of a passive and silent public that need to be called into question and roundly condemned. There is only one way to ensure the safety and health of the prisoners that the military claims it is concerned about, and that is to release the 157 prisoners held without charge and provide a fair trial for the rest. We stand with the hunger strikers and remain committed to resisting and opposing the crime that is Guantanamo through consistent visible protest and exposure of the crimes of our government. 

Will the hunger strikers leave Guantanamo in coffins?  The situation is urgent and the lives of the remaining Guantanamo prisoners depend on you.

Guantanamo + Silence = Death Camp

We call on people of conscience to join with us in the righteous demand that Guantanamo be closed down and the prisoners who have been cleared for release or have not been charged with any crime to be released now.

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The week of April 15–April 20, take action and be a part of challenging others to act NOW! 

- Organize a local demonstration or find one near you. Gather with others in orange jumpsuits and blackhoods with signs that say "CLOSE GUANTANAMO NOW" and "Guantanamo + Silence= Death Camp" 

Ideal locations are at visible places like federal buildings, Democratic Party headquarters, U.S. military sites or recruitment centers. Post your action beforehand and post photos on our Facebook page, or tweet them using the hashtag #savegitmoprisoners.

- Donate to World Can't Wait, an organization that is mobilizing people to stop the crimes of their government through a mass independent movement of resistance. 

- Join the Twitter storm using hashtags #savegitmoprisoners and #gitmofreedomstrike.

- Wear an orange armband to school or work to show that you stand with the Guantanamo prisoners and talk to people about the hunger strike and why Guantanamo should be closed now. 

The week of April 15–April 20, take action and be a part of challenging others to act NOW!

San Francisco Thursday April 18: City Hall at 4-5pm
London April 18: 6-8pm at US Embassy
Chicago Friday April 19: State and Jackson at 4:30 pm
and more areas to come...

Spanish translation
Declaración sobre el asalto en Guantánamo: Guantánamo + Silencio = Campamento de muerte