Please take a few minutes today to support Bradley Manning

We received the following from Courage to Resist and the
Bradley Manning Support Network:

Bradley Manning was transferred to Leavenworth in April, and his lawyer confirms that he is now treated like other prisoners. This dramatic improvement in his conditions wouldn't have happened without people like you taking action.

Now we need a public accounting for Bradley's allegedly torturous and illegal confinement conditions for ten months at Quantico. The United Nations is investigating the matter, but US officials are still denying their reasonable request to meet with Bradley.

Will you take a few minutes to make two important phone calls for Bradley today?

We want to put pressure on the Obama Administration and the Secretary of the Army to comply with the United Nations' demand. Juan Mendez, the UN's top official on torture, has requested unmonitored meetings with Bradley. Mr. Mendez wants to insure that international protocol for prisoner treatment and justice are followed. (Read the UN’s recent statement here.)

Call President Obama
The White House switchboard

Call Secretary of the Army
Public Affairs Officer Lt. Anne Edgecomb

When you call, please urge President Obama and Secretary of the Army John McHugh to respect the UN Convention Against Torture and to allow UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez to conduct an official visit with Bradley Manning. (Click here for more background information and talking points.)

Then please spread the word! Ask your friends and family to call as well by sharing this action on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for supporting Bradley.


Main Calls to Action Please take a few minutes today to support Bradley Manning


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