Reaching students who can't remember before the war

We are not your soldiers
Ethan McCord
By Debra Sweet

Recently a teacher in an urban high school who brought the We Are Not Your Soldiers Tour to his students wrote:

"After the World Can’t Wait presentation, it was apparent that my students were affected. The next day one student showed me a poem he wrote about a young boy from the ghetto enlisting in the military and dying, another asked for a World Can’t Wait T-shirt, and yet another, who had wanted to join the military, handed me a recommendation form for a vocational school. Others are still lost forever to the military but the “We Are Not Your Soldiers” tour offered the education American youth really need and that more teachers need to be more conscious of.”

We are set on reaching and mobilizing youth who have grown up with these unjust, illegitimate wars being waged.

What if people in other countries watching CNN saw streets in the United States filled with people protesting the crimes of this government? World Can't Wait is committed to bringing that into being.

Saturday, March 19, is another war anniversary that shows there is no end in sight to the unjust, illegitimate, immoral occupation of Iraq. We don't want this anniversary to come, but as it is - we are going to make sure this 8th year anniversary is clearly protested.

World Can't Wait is working for public, visible actions commensurate with the heinous crimes committed by this government toward the people of Iraq, along with Veterans for Peace and ANSWER Coalition.

Be a part of waking people up to spread anti-war protest.  Now is the time to support World Can't Wait in organizing in the classrooms and in the streets. 

Get involved and help support:

Washington D.C. Friday/Saturday March 18/19/20

Protest in front of the White House on Saturday, and help with outreach at high schools on Friday: We Are Not Your Soldiers - Stop These Wars NOW!  Sunday, march at Quantico VA base where Bradley Manning is held.
$2,000 needed for posters, flyers, organizing

SF Bay Week of March 14-19

The We Are Not Your Soldiers Tour in local high schools.  Anti-war veteran Ethan McCord will be joining the tour there.  Ethan said that when he spoke on the tour in NYC, he felt he "found [his] calling."  Students are still contacting him to work through their thoughts on the military.  The week ends with an anti-war march in San Francisco.
$3,000 needed for travel & organizing materials

Local Actions Saturday March 19 United Vigils, Protests, Teach-ins

Organize your own March 19 event or register a planned event here. World Can't Wait will supply flyer & poster designs, sample press releases, and help publicizing your event.

I've heard that you appreciate the information and resources provided by these e-newsletters and World Can't Wait's 4 websites: World Can't Wait, War Criminals Watch; Fire John Yoo; and We Are Not Your Soldiers.  But did you know about our Spanish site which is read by thousands from outside the U.S?

Those of you hungry for more documentation of the excellent, informative, and courageous events during the Berkeley "We Say No to Torture" week this past fall should take a look at too - almost all of the events are now available for viewing on YouTube. You can watch them here.

You are needed to sustain this work. If you are grateful for the connection when you call our national office and reach a live staffer, or get a call from one of our volunteers, we need you to sustain this work. If you use the variety of materials we regularly create, from the Collateral Murder DVD, to the Bush War Criminal bookmark; stickers, fliers and posters... become a sustainer.

Main Calls to Action Reaching students who can't remember before the war


World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.