"There has been no change in the Department of Justice": A Talk With Candace Gorman

 by Debra Sweet

"There has been no change in the Department of Justice" under the Obama administration as far as the rights of the Guantanamo detainees.  This is one of the things Candace Gorman said on a special World Can’t Wait conference call on July 9th. The call brought activists closer to the lives of front-line defenders of the torture detainees.  Candace told us in detail about the lives of her two clients, still in Guantanamo, one of whom is seriously ill.  Candace, who is an advisor to War Criminals Watch, also talked about why she's put aside her other civil rights work to concentrate on stopping war crimes.  it was a privilege to share an hour with her. 
Listen here: www.worldcantwait.net/files/ConferenceRecording-7428599-137614.mp3