War Criminal Cheney Protested at University of Wyoming

 This article is based on an email by Mark Sandefer and news reports from Wyoming

On Thursday, September 10th, a protest was held in Laramie, Wyoming at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the gruesomely named “Cheney International Center”, at the University of Wyoming.  Dick and Lynn Cheney donated $3.2 million for this building, and received matching funds from the University. 
About 40 protesters started on the east side of the UW campus, marching with signs, banners, and chants to the area of the ceremony. One large sign read "REAL COWBOYS DON'T TORTURE!"  Upon arrival at the center at least another 100 activists joined in to shout at Dick Cheney and former Wyoming senator Alan Simpson. There was a lot of media from Cheyenne, local tv, radio, and newspapers. 


World Can't Wait at the National Equality March!

Tens of thousands marched, a lot of them students and youth. No one wanted to "wait" for rights.  "Ban the marriage of church & state!" 


The best?  The cast of HAIR singing "Let the Sun Shine In!"



Report from Jill McLaughlin


San Francisco, October 17, March & Rally to End the Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan:

11 AM:  Assemble - U.N. Plaza 

12 Noon:  March - Downtown SF, Route TBA

1 PM:  Rally - Back at U.N. Plaza

This will be a National Day of Action called by the Oct 17 Anti-War Coalition under the demands:

  • Immediate & unconditional withdrawal of all U.S. troops, military personnel, bases, contractors and mercenaries from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan!
  • End U.S. support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine! End to the siege against Gaza!
  • U.S. hands off Iran & North Korea!
  • Self-determination for all oppressed nations and peoples!
  • End War Crimes, including Torture!

March with the World Can't Wait super-picket contingent, near the front of the assemblage.  Wear orange, or get into one of our detainee jumpsuits for the day.  Meet at the World Can't table on Market Street between 7th & 8th Streets near the BART elevator.


Emergency Protest: Obama is Coming to San Francisco Thursday


What do you have to say about this?

Join World Can't Wait and many other anti-war & anti-torture activists as we protest Obama's rebranding of the Bush/Cheney program of endless war, preventive detention, and legalized torture.

Additionally, many other groups (such as those organized around single-payer healthcare) will no doubt make their presence felt.

We will also award this pro-war, pro-torture president with the newly-created, George Orwell "War is Peace" Prize.

Assemble:  4 PM - Union Square at Powell near Geary
Protest:  4:30 PM - Powell Street, between Geary & Post, in front of the St. Francis Hotel


US Out of Iraq and Afghanistan!

Protests took place in 45 cities across the US on October 17. The pictures below are of the World Can't Wait contingent in the San Francisco protest.


War Criminal Bush Protested in 3 Canadian Cities


War Criminal George W. Bush recently spoke in Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Montreal Canada, and was met with determined protest at each stop. The following articles are brief accounts of those protests.
While former U.S. president George W. Bush talked about democracy inside a downtown Edmonton conference centre on Tuesday, hundreds of protesters were outside exercising their right to free speech with signs, songs and screams.
"Stop the killing, stop the war," the protesters chanted to the beat of a drum. They held signs that said "Bush is a war criminal;" "Bush lied, 1,000s died;" and "Canada is not Bush Country."


Groups Say No More Troops to Afghanistan: Bring them all Home Now!

Press release from World Can’t Wait and American Friends Service Committee

Washington Square Park, Hauley Plaza, Sunday, 11/15 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Photo & interview opportunity with military families & veterans


New York, NY—In anticipation of President Obama’s announcement that more US troops will be sent to occupy Afghanistan, anti-war organizations will exhibit combat boots representing the fallen soldiers from New York State. 

World Can't Wait in conjunction with Military Families Speak Out of New York will take the American Friends Service Committee "Eyes Wide Open” Exhibit into Washington Square Park, at Hauley Plaza at 1:00 pm.


Take to the Streets in Protest

Protest the Democrats’ Abortion Ban.  Nothing short of being in the streets!

Why should anti-abortion fanatics in Congress be allowed to set the terms for women’s lives?

One house of Congress passed health care "reform" including the Stupak-Pitts Amendment which extends the federal ban on abortion to millions more women. Even women paying for private insurance plans with their own money will not be able to buy abortion coverage.

Theocrats who believe they are on a mission from God, advocate the subjugation of women, and think gay people should burn in hell, don’t back down without fight. Now the Senate is debating healthcare reform.

We need to set our own terms with widespread resistance and visible protest.

Join the National Organization for Women and The World Can’t Wait in protests:

• Wednesday December 2, Washington D.C.
• Nationwide the week of Monday November 30 – Saturday December 5

Watch a discussion filmed November 21, “Abortion, Women’s Lives and The Democrat’s Women Killing Abortion Ban” featuring Fran Luck; WBAI Radio producer, Erin Matson, Action Vice President for the National Organization for Women; Jill Mclaughlin from World Can’t Wait; and Sunsara Taylor, writer for Revolution.

Protesting Obama's Peace Award


NYC: Those who reject doublespeak, and want an end to this war, are invited on Thursday, December 10, to join the War Resisters League & World Can't Wait in a symbolic coffin march from Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza (East 47th, near 1st Avenue) west on 42nd Street to Times Square Recruiting Station, as President Obama receives the Prize. 12:00 noon - 2:00 pm.
San Francisco: Join the War = Peace "Human Billboard" this Thursday evening in San Francisco: December 10 is International Human Rights Day, when Obama is slated to pick up his Nobel "Peace" Prize in Oslo, Norway. We are inviting everyone in the World Can't Wait community to expose this Orwellian farce by demonstrating with us during the height of the San Francisco rush hour commute.


No More Torture Taxis!

Help fill the courtroom to let the Obama adminstration and Jeppesen DataPlan know the world is watching their complicity in crimes against humanity.

10:00 AM, Tuesday, December 15
(9:30 AM, Meet outside the courthouse)

James R. Browning Courthouse, Courtroom 1
95 7th Street (corner of Mission & 7th) San Francisco

Ben Wizner, staff attorney for the ACLU National Security Program, will argue before an en banc panel of 11 judges from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Arguments in Mohamed, et al. v. Jeppesen, the ACLU's lawsuit against Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen DataPlan for its role in the Bush administration's "extraordinary rendition" program. The government is appealing an earlier ruling allowing the case to go forward.


Hawai'i Protest Against Obama’s Wars

This article, by B.J. Reyes, is excerpted from the website of KITV in Honolulu

On one corner, groups opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan carried signs urging an end to the conflicts on foreign soil.
Across the street, abortion foes protested the inclusion of funding for abortions in any health care reform bill.
The demonstrations were peaceful, though witnesses said one car that slowed down so someone could make an obscene gesture was involved in a fender bender.
Signs bore statements including "Stop the wars," "Peace, put it in action" and "I don't want to pay for baby killing." At least one demonstrator carried the Hawaii state flag upside down.
"We think it's really important, not only with the national coverage but international coverage, that people see that there are people here in Hawaii -- even while he's on vacation -- who are saying 'stop the war' and we greatly oppose the war," said Liz Rees, 39, of Honolulu, an organizer with the group World Can't Wait.
Watch video ]



World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.