Taking the Grand Central Balcony to Protest Torture

 Photo above by Bud Koritzer.

Thursday, May 28, as protests in 16 cities demanded that the Obama administration release an estimated 2,000 photographs sought by the ACLU, charges re-surfaced that the suppressed photos contradict President Obama's statement on May 12 that they are "not particularly sensational." 
General Antonio Taguba, who investigated the Abu Ghraib torture scandal for the Bush administration in 2004, told The Daily Telegraph on May 28, "These pictures show torture, abuse, rape and every indecency."  U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and the White House responded with denials that the photos showed rape, prompting further confirmations and details from those who have seen the photos that they include extreme sexual humiliation of detainees.
On Thursday in New York, protesters gathered on 42nd Street, with dozens donning orange jumpsuits, representing detainees in US detention facilities.  They walked silently into the hall of Grand Central Station, and up both sides of the west staircase, where they unfurled a banner saying "Release the Torture Photographs" and held photos believed to be part of the 2,000 involved in the controversy.  Spontaneous applause went through the crowds of commuters, as thousands of cell phones snapped images.

more photos from May 28  here


Day of Defiance; Anti Torture Protest May 28

by the World Can't Wait writers group

Refusing to surrender to the passivity and moral relativism of the current political landscape, activists in New York City took a determined and inspired stand against torture on May 28. Scores of protesters—about half of whom wore orange jumpsuits and black hoods to symbolize those tortured by our government—took part in a captivating and evocative day of action to demand prosecutions of Bush war criminals and the release of roughly 2000 torture photos that President Barack Obama is suppressing.


Chicago Stands Against Tiller’s Murder, Stands Up For Women

 By Lina Thorne

 I had gone to Wichita before… in the summer 2001 with pro-choice activists from around the country to defend Dr. Tiller’s clinic from the onslaught of raving, fanatical, Bible-waving crazies. I saw the glazed eyes, heard the bloodthirsty cries for “God’s retribution” and waded right into the middle of the throngs of praying, wailing Christian Fascists and watched another woman boldly attempt to place an “Abortion On Demand and Without Apology” sticker right on the shoulder of Flip Benham (who had written to Dr. Tiller that spring, “God has made it very clear in His Scripture that if we shed blood in the womb we will reap bloodshed in the streets (Hosea 4:1-6, Ezekiel 35:6). That we are reaping bloodshed in the streets, the front page of every newspaper in the country will attest.”).
I saw the fences and the anti-abortion “counseling center” called “Choices Medical Clinic” right next door to Dr. Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services. I stayed up all night on watch at the height of the hysteria to guard against a violent attack. Sitting on that sidewalk with a handful of other young activists in the middle of that tense night, I wouldn’t have guessed that years later, supposedly at the dawn of a new era of “change” and “unity,” I would have gotten word that Dr. Tiller was gunned down at the age of 67 while standing in the foyer of his church on a sunny morning.
more photos from Chicago


Protesting War Criminal Robert Gates at U. Washington Graduation


From World Can’t Wait, Seattle

On June 13 40 people protested War Criminal Robert Gates, Obama’s Secretary of Defense and the main speaker at the University of Washington Commencement Ceremony. The protest was initiated by World Can’t Wait, Seattle, and was endorsed by local anti-war groups. Participants were mainly from Vets For Peace, World Can't Wait and ANSWER. A small number of couple of graduates, students, and alumni also took part.
We had pictures of detainees being tortured, Iraqis being injured in war and the Yes We Can Torture Poster. We had a large banner that read “Robert Gates is a War Criminal.” Two graduates spoke out against Robert Gates and said that the reason why there we there is because Robert Gates has been responsible for the death of thousands of people around the world. The said Robert Gates does not represent them as students. One young woman who was graduating said that she told her mom she wanted to spend her graduation protesting Robert Gates instead of going inside to the ceremony. So her mom supported her and joined in the protest outside.


San Francisco: Say No to War Criminals and War Crimes


from World Can't Wait, San Francisco chapter
As General Petraeus speaks in San Francisco this Thursday, join with World Can't Wait and many others to: SAY NO TO WAR CRIMINALS AND WAR CRIMES!

WHEN:      Thursday, July 9 at 4:00 PM

WHERE:     Marines Memorial Theater
609 Sutter Street,
2nd floor, San Francisco
The Bush-Obama "War OF Terror" is a universe of war crimes on top of war crimes - crimes against humanity wrapped in lies and covered with blood.  At this action World Can't Wait will especially highlight Afghanistan -where this week, the largest military operation there since the 2001 U.S.-led invasion is underway.  Today the Afghanistan war belongs even more to President Obama - the Pentagon's website explains "This is the first operation to use the troops President Barack Obama ordered to the area after taking office."


Protest in San Francisco: Petraeus is a War Criminal


From the website of Geotv, the most popular website in Pakistan
SAN FRANCISCO: General David Petraeus, commander of U.S. Central Command in charge of the wars in the Middle East, and architect of the troop "surge" was target of a protest here for his part in torture and killing civilians, Geo News reported Friday.
A major demonstration was held when Petraeus spoke here at the Marines Memorial Theater, 609 Sutter St., 2nd floor.
"Afghanistan is not the 'good war,'" said a spokesperson for World Can't Wait, an organizer of the demonstration. "General Petraeus should answer for his criminal role in the 'war on terror' and the huge escalation in Afghanistan."
Peace activists said that under Petraeus' command, pilotless drones have resulted in "mass murder" of civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
"No amount of slick PR packaging can render Petraeus anything better than a war criminal. There is a huge blanket of lies and ignorance surrounding the killing in Afghanistan. Most Americans have no idea of the crimes being done in their name," said World Can't Wait in a statement.
coverage from KTVU, San Francisco


Exposing, Opposing Jay Bybee, the Torture Judge


From the San Francisco chapter of World Can’t Wait  

(this article is based on a speech given by members of World Can’t Wait’s San Francisco chapter at a protest demanding the removal from office and prosecution of Jay Bybee, an architect of the Bush Regime’s policy of torture and now a federal judge in San Francisco).
“Today we are here to take a stand against torture. We are representing the views and the hearts of many more tens of millions of people who know that torture is a war crime, and a crime against humanity. International and U.N law both prohibit torture, under any and all circumstances, without exception. The man we protest here today, Jay Bybee, a key player on the Bush/Cheney torture team, was rewarded for providing legal advice and legal cover for the illegal actions of the Bush regime during its eight years in power with a lifetime appointment to this, the Ninth Circuit Court.”


John Yoo is Back. So Are We.

From the San Francisco chapter of World Can’t Wait 

On the first day of fall classes at University of California Berkeley Law (Boalt Hall), John Yoo was scheduled to return to teaching after a semester in exile at Chapman in Orange County. Over 60 people arrived on the Boalt steps for a press conference and protest called by World Can’t Wait, the local National Lawyers Guild chapter, Progressive Democrats of America, Code Pink, and others. After an impressive, well-attended press conference, a bold protest flowed into the law school itself and up into Yoo’s classroom. 
When we first arrived at Boalt, reporters and TV news cameras were waiting. So were the UC police, who announced that anyone using amplified sound would immediately be arrested -- as if that could prevent this determined group from delivering our message. The press conference went forward unamplified but loudly, with reporters and an attentive crowd hearing from speakers including 4 generations of UC and Boalt Hall alumni:
(Listen to audio of press conference)


There's a Torturer on the Berkeley Campus!

 From the San Francisco Chapter, World Can’t Wait 

 You're invited:    Information in Action
Sproul Plaza, University of California, Berkeley
NOON to 1:00 PM
Thursday, August 27
On Thursday, August 27 -  the second day back in class for the University of California (UC)  - join World Can't Wait on world-famous Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley when  "detainees" in orange jumpsuits bear witness to the presence of a torturer - John Yoo - on this very campus.
During the busiest time of the campus day, we'll display this reality. We'll get out our new brochure, and talk to everyone we meet.


Protest Torture Judge Bybee in Seattle!

 Thursday, September 3 

from World Can't Wait, Seattle

Jay Bybee, a key player on the Bush/Cheney torture team, was rewarded for this war crime with a lifetime appointment to the federal bench. Bybee issued the infamous 2002 torture memo which authorized torture including: waterboarding, walling, sleep deprivation, and other horrific techniques. Bybee is now greeted by courthouse protests whenever the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals meets.
World Can't Wait has called for protest actions to meet Bybee across the Ninth Circuit. Bybee will be appearing on The Nine Circuit Court to hear cases in Seattle this week- World Can't Wait and others who refuse to accept the torture state will be there. The protest at the 9th circuit in Seattle, will be visually striking with many people creating the scene together. YOU are needed -- to help display the "Bybee-Bush Museum of Torture", to wear the orange jumpsuits, and to make our message bold and clear. Whether you can come during your break or for two hours, your presence will make a big difference. Join us.


World Can't Wait and Others to Protest War Criminal Condoleeza Rice in San Jose

Rally: Torture is a War Crime, Condoleeza Rice is a War Criminal!

When: 9:30 a.m, Thursday Sept 17 (Rice speaks at 10:15)
Where: San Jose California, Fairmont Hotel 170 S. Market., San Jose Ca.
We especially hope that friends in, and near, the South Bay and the Mid-Peninsula can join us to speak out about the torture and other war crimes of the Bush/Cheney regime in which Rice was such an instrumental player.  Rice shouldn't be teaching at Stanford - she should be facing prosecution for war crimes and crimes against humanity!



World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.