by Scott


 ...or, How a click can help ignite a social movement

So check this out...I know all of my friends have been frustrated at some time or another at how poorly the media cover important issues, especially when it comes to grassroots action on issues of major importance, like the war(s), torture, illegal wiretapping and other things we've gotten too damn used to over the past eight years. And that's just the thing...if the media don't report that there is grassroots resistance against these things, people feel like nothing's being done, and get this false sense of powerlessness.

So here's one thing you can do to help break through all that: DIG (that is, "digg" World Can't Wait).

What do I mean by that?

For those who don't know, Digg.com is a user-driven news site that rates articles from all over the internet. Users submit articles, and if other people "digg" those articles, they get pushed to the top of the "digg" list. As such, Digg is potentially a very powerful tool--if enough people digg the articles you digg, the effect can be exponential in terms of mass exposure for new ideas, under-reported news items, and social movements.

It's this easy: if around 200 people digg an article that you post, it can get pushed to the top of the digg.com list. Once it's there, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people will read it! That's enough people to make huge cracks in media bias, self-censorship, or cynicism. In a time when everyone is having the legitimacy of the war on terror, a possible attack on Iran, torture, disgusting attacks on Black people, immigrants, women, and people of different sexual orientations, we need to boldly put out the messages that come through on our website EVERYWHERE, and especially on Digg!

Here's where we can put this into action. The World Can’t Wait website website now has links to digg all of its featured articles. You can help the message of resistance to unjust wars, torture, extralegal rendition, and abuses of human rights break through to possibly hundreds of thousands of people by just hitting the "Digg This" button next featured articles on this site.

This is something that's very easy to do, and can actually make a huge difference for this movement. Getting a million new eyeballs looking at worldcantwait.net can go a long way in changing the political dialogue in this country. If you want the realities of the crimes of this government known, and better yet if you want to see people get into motion to stop these crimes, get people coming to this site and Digging the articles!!!

One way to get started is to check out the recent statement from World Can’t Wait, To the Anti-war Movement in the United States, currently featured on the main page. Hit the "Digg" button (you may need to register for a digg.com account) and vote for this article!