Declare It Now!

welcome to declare it now!

Why the Democrats Are Acting This Way

Many people say they wish the Democrats would "grow a spine" and "show some courage." They also say things like: "Don't the Democrats realize that they're throwing away the chance to stand with the majority of Americans? Don't they know that failing to do so is going to hurt them?" There are, of course, other variants on these themes, with some people saying: "Throw out the lot of them. Elect some people who will do the will of the people." All of these responses, while understandable, miss the point.

The Declare It Now Campaign - Wear Orange Against the Bush Regime

How do we get from where we are to where we need to be? We know that there is a big gap between here and there. The people of this country need to act in the millions in visible and unmistakable ways if we are to have a chance at driving Bush and Cheney from power, repudiating what they stand for, and creating a wholly different political atmosphere.

The One Percent Solution

Clearly, we are facing an extraordinary situation today as the Bush Regime and its enablers are decisively refashioning the social compact in the US and accelerating their efforts to silence dissent and clamp down on the society. Their aggression abroad is being matched by their need to carry out repression at home. The gap between their drastic and appalling steps and the level of the overt public response against this to date is agonizing to contemplate. There are some very important stirrings evident such as Jena and the righteous actions in NY, but the acceleration of our adversaries means that we need to ratchet up the resistance in a very big way.