Chris Hayes: Guantanamo Hunger Strike Grows

Broadcast April 4, 2013 by MSNBC


“The dozens of men who have been cleared by the United States government for release should be released immediately, should be paid restitution, and offered legal residence in the United States.

“If that sounds radical or outside the boundaries of political feasability, I would say that shoving tubes up the noses of men a few times a day to force them to stay alive in our prisons, even though we readily admit we have to no reason to continue to keep them, is pretty damn radical, too.”

- Chris Hayes, MSNBC News

After stunning silence from mainstream media on the 2 month old Guantanamo Hunger Strike it seems now that there is a little more coverage from various news outlets. But by far Chris Hayes of MSNBC has done an exceptional job when on Thursday evening he went into great detail about the Hunger Strike and why it is happening. But better still Hayes put forth the challenge to people to not passively accept that there are men who have for years been held without charge or trial, some of them cleared for release years ago. What Hayes said about the Hunger Strike and Guantanamo matters because too much of the American public has chosen to accept the crime that is Guantanamo or willfully ignore it or worse be willfully ignorant of the truth about Guantanamo and when a member of the mainstream media lays out the truth for millions of viewers it is an opportunity for people of conscience to really transform the situation the detainees are facing for the better by stepping forward and demanding justice.

We of World Can't Wait have always said that it is the responsibility of the people of this country to step forward and actively oppose and resist the crimes of our government Please share this video widely with family and friends and have some conversations.

Also, from Chris Hayes April 8, 2013:

Watch Guantanamo attorney Pardiss Kebriaei (from the Center for Constitutional Rights) break down some common misconceptions about who is actually being held at Guantanamo, and how much Obama can do right now to close the prison.

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