Nancy Pelosi declares impeachment "off the table"

By RJ Schinner, 10/23/06

Hoping that the Democrats takeover Congress Nov. 7th and proceed to impeach Bush?  According to Nancy Pelosi, who will become Speaker of the House if the Democrats win a majority, impeachment is not going to happen.

Pelosi told CBS's 60 Minutes Sunday night that, "impeachment is off the table".  When asked about this declaration, she went on to assure that "yes it is a pledge", and even called impeachment "a waste of time".

The 60 Minutes segment also showed just what the Democrats' 2006 agenda is, where crucial issues like the right to abortion and gay rights are also "off the table" and the Democrats refuse to put up any real fight against the Bush agenda.  60 Minutes described how "at the urging of her colleagues, [Pelosi] has downplayed her pro-abortion rights, anti-gun positions since becoming leader, instead promoting more centrist issues like raising the minimum wage and energy independence."  And when asked about gay marriage, Pelosi said "Well, that's an issue that is not an issue that we're fighting about here."  This when 49 Senators voted this summer for a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, and Bush, the Republicans, and the Christin Right have made clear they have every intention of not stopping until the ban is passed.  Even on the Iraq war, where Pelosi does have strong words to say about Bush, her actual position is to insist that she is not for "cutting and running" but for "phased withdrawal", which of course could very well mean continuing the war for who knows how long, using more aerial strikes instead of troops on the ground (resulting in more civilian deaths), and does not make another war on Iran "off the table".

The Bay Area Chapter of THE WORLD  CAN'T WAIT - DRIVE OUT THE BUSH  REGIME! is endorsing, speaking at and  participating in a protest at Pelosi's  office on halloween held by the local impaeacment  organization "Impeach Bush-Cheney"

Impeach Bush-Cheney Holloween Carnival of Horrors in Front of Nancy Pelosi's office.

On October 31, we are organizing an Impeachment Carnival of Horrors and press conference in San Francisco, where we will deliver over 12,000 names supporting impeachment to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. We plan to have a fun-filled carnival atmosphere with music and costumes. We will speak to the peoples' great yearning for justice and impeachment. We will highlight Nancy Pelosi's refusal to support or seriously discuss impeachment, and ask her to support the will of the people by bringing impeachment charges to George W. Bush and Richard Cheney for treason and grave crimes and misdemeanors against the law of the U.S. Constitution. Read more at
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Think about it.  The Bush regime is moving in fast forward on numerous fronts, with moves to ban abortion, criminalize gays, legalizing torture, raise the death toll in Iraq beyond the already 655,000 killed, start another war on Iran, and more.  The Democrats either don't oppose this or refuse to actually put up a fight, and the excuse we keep being handed is "we can't do anything until we retake Congress".  And what happens if they do take back Congress?  Pelosi made this quite clear on 60 Minutes: no impeachment, roll over and allow nearly everything the Bush regime is locking into place to continue unimpeded.

Think about it.  Many people voting for the Democrats Nov. 7th would be estatic to see Bush impeached, and this is one major reason why many are throwing in their energy and resources to get a Democratic majority in Congress.  Yet the will of the people has been declared "off the table" by the very person who would lead a Democratic majority in the House.

Face it.  If impeachment is going to happen, and if the whole fascistic direction the Bush regime is taking the world is to be stopped, it's going to be by us.  It's only going to happen if we stop letting the Democratic Party leadership dictate what's "off the table", and start acting based on what the world needs right now rather than what's "politically expedient".  It's only going to happen when this takes shape in massive resistance all across society that doesn't stop until the Bush regime is driven out.  Does that sound like - as Pelosi says - a "waste of time" to you, or the only thing that can stop a fascistic government on a warpath?

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