Challenging Israel's Crimes on Campus: A Breath of Fresh Air in a Stifling Academic Environment

Alan Goodman | July 22, 2014

For decades, criticism of Israel in U.S. society has been marginalized, subjected to threats, censored, and banned.

Many of the more prominent critics of Israel have been forced out of their positions in academia, including from Northwestern, Bard, and Columbia University.


We Want It to Stop

Gaza City.

On November 15, 2012, day three of the recent eight day bombardment of Gaza, Ahmed Basyouni and his family were watching news of the attacks on TV in their home in the eastern section of Beit Hanoun. He and his wife assured his older children that they would be safe because they lived in a calm area where there are no fighters. Two of his younger sons were asleep in the next room.  While they were talking, at approximately 10:35 pm, the Israeli Air Force fired three rockets from a U.S.-provided F-16 bomber into a nearby olive grove.  Ahmed’s house rocked, all his windows shattered, electricity went out plunging the family in darkness, and Ahmed’s fifteen year old son Nader screamed  from the next room that his brother was dead.


New York City: Be at Grand Central Monday - Gaza"Freeze" Protest

Grand Central Memorial for Gaza Victims of Israeli Missiles

Monday November 26 

Meet up at 5 pm at the NW corner of Lexington and 42nd St.  Enter Grand Central at 5:30 pm

Wear black.  Head scarves encouraged. Details at the Meet-Up.



Israel's Murderous Assault on the People in Gaza... And the Need to Oppose These Crimes NOW

by Alan Goodman

At this writing, a brutal wave of targeted and indiscriminate killing, destruction, and terror is being rained down on the Palestinian people in Gaza by Israel—an operation the Israelis are calling "Pillar of Defense." Health officials in Gaza say 46 people have been killed and 440 people wounded so far in the attacks.


Blogging and Nothingness: Progressives Turn Their Gaze from Gaza

by Chris Floyd

"Too much of nothing
Can make a man a liar."
-- Bob Dylan

"Nothing will come of nothing. Speak again."
-- Shakespeare, King Lear


Israel’s Targeting of Media Is a War Crime

By Kevin Gosztola

Early Sunday, as widely reported, Israeli warplanes launched air strikes, which hit two complexes with media offices. The strikes wounded ten journalists or media persons. One person, Khader al-Zahhar, a cameraman for Al-Quds TV, had to have his leg amputated and suffered shrapnel wounds.


Obama's Kill List Policy Compels US Support for Israeli Attacks on Gaza

by Glenn Greenwald

Israel's escalating air attacks on Gaza follow the depressingly familiar pattern that shapes this conflict. Overwhelming Israeli force slaughters innocent Palestinians, including children, which is preceded (and followed) by far more limited rocket attacks into Israel which kill a much smaller number, rocket attacks which are triggered by various forms of Israeli provocations -- all of which, most crucially, takes place in the context of Israel's 45-year-old brutal occupation of the Palestinians (and, despite a "withdrawal" of troops, that includes Gaza, over which Israel continues to exercise extensive dominion). The debates over these episodes then follow an equally familiar pattern, strictly adhering to a decades-old script that, by design at this point, goes nowhere.


Made in USA: Bombs & Rockets on Gaza

gaza masharawi family

Protest today:

I am writing you very quickly today. World Can't Wait has a mission of stopping the crimes of our government. All day yesterday, in court (see here) we were getting messages and calls about the aerial assault on Gaza by Israel. Reading the news, we learned that Israel is preparing a ground attack, and that three Israelis were killed by missiles from Gaza. The death toll in Gaza is reported now to be 15, including children, and the widely circulated photo of a parents holding a baby they buried today.

Find a protest near you

An Epitome of Israeli Barbarism

by Khalid Amaryeh 

As a student of the collective Israeli mindset and long-time observer of Israeli behavioral patterns, I wasn't surprised a bit by Lieutenant Colonel Shalom Eisner's behaviors with Danish peace activist Andreas Ias.

The Israeli propaganda machine would want us to believe that the incident was an aberration, a kind of anomaly that in no way represents the true ethos of the Israeli army. But this is untrue.

In fact, from my observation of Israeli behavior for decades I can solemnly testify that Eisner's behavior represents the norm rather than the exception.


Israel Brandishes Its "Doomsday Weapon" Against a Poem

From A World to Win News Service 

Günter Grass has achieved something many poets have only dreamt of in recent years: he has brought poetry, or at least a poem, to the center of public life in Germany and elsewhere around the world.

In retaliation for that poem, Israel has announced that this Nobel Prize-winning writer, who considers himself a supporter of that country he has visited several times, will never be allowed to set foot on its soil again.