Flier: Vast NSA Surveillance of Whole Populations Protects U.S. Dirty Wars. We Say NO MORE!

October 28, 2013

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Mass Surveillance Flier

MASS SURVEILLANCE on whole populations, chilling protest and dissent here is used by the U.S. government to enforce world-wide, systematic wars of aggression, unjust occupations, and “dirty” wars of targeted killing and secret ops.

The CIA and U.S. Military, aided by the NSA, use killer robots flown from 8,000 miles away to attack people on the basis of suspected patterns of behavior (a “signature” strike) and on President Obama's order.

Some call drone war a cleaner form of war because U.S. forces are not at risk. We call it illegitimate, immoral and unjust – murder. “American” lives are not more important than other lives.

Recent Reports on Secret U.S. Drone Strikes on Pakistan and Yemen Detail Specific Deaths of Civilians Against International Law:

Interim Report by UN Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson on Drones in Counterterrorism Operations

Amnesty International “Will I Be Next?”

Human Rights Watch, “Between a Drone and al Qaeda“

Recent films

Madiha Tahir’s Wounds of Waziristan

Robert Greenwald/Brave New Films: Living Under Drones

For more on the dirtiness of drone war see October 23, 2013 GQ magazine, Matthew Power, Confessions of a Drone Warrior 

Join the protests against secret U.S. government spying and wars!