These are the Veterans to Honor this Weekend - Free Films of Soldiers Who Resist

Through Memorial Day weekend, director David Zeiger is making three powerful films about the antiwar GI movement  - Sir! No Sir!;

  Unfinished Symphony; and This is Where We Take Our Stand - available free on his youtube channel. Don't miss them - they'll come down after Monday!

If you haven't yet seen it, now is the time to watch the stirring, powerful, historic scenes of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans hurling their metals at the NATO summit in Chicago last Sunday.

Nothing speaks more to the power and importance of soldiers and veterans condemning and opposing the criminal wars they were a part of. And nothing highlights the importance of history more than today's veterans mirroring one of the most powerful moments of the soldiers' and veterans' movements against the Vietnam War forty years ago.

In honor of this historic moment, through Memorial Day weekend you can watch for free these three films that tell the story of GI and veterans resistance both past and present

 Sir! No Sir! - The landmark 2006 film by David Zeiger that revealed the suppressed story of the GI Movement to end the Vietnam War, a movement that shook the military and government to its core and played a major role in ending the war. Sir! No Sir! has been distributed for free to thousands of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, helping to inspire the birth of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

This is Where We Take Our Stand - Last year's film by David Zeiger, Bestor Cram, and Mike Majoros, that told the story of the hundreds of soldiers and veterans who risked everything to reveal the true nature of the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations by testifying at 2008's Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan hearings.

  Unfinished Symphony - The 2001 Sundance film by Bestor Cram and Mike Majoros that told the story of one of the largest demonstrations of veterans during the Vietnam War, the 1971 march from Concord to Boston by Vietnam Veterans Against the War that ended in 400 arrests--the most in Massachusetts history. Set to Henryk Gorecki's unfinished Symphony of Sorrowful Songs, this beautiful, lyrical film brings you deep into the soul of veterans' resistance.


The films will be available on Youtube at starting at 9 am on Saturday, May 19, and ending Tuesday, May 29, at 9 am.
Go to to find more DVDs and books on GI resistance, including FTA--the film about Jane Fonda's antiwar cabaret that entertained thousands of soldiers in the US and around the world, and Soldiers in Revolt--David Cortright's book that tells the full, unforgettable story of the GI Movement against the Vietnam War.
And starting May 19, every DVD order will include a free DVD of A Night of Ferocious Joy, the film vividly portraying the 2005 L.A. concert condemning the invasion of Afghanistan that featured Ozomatli, Boots Riley and The Coup, Saul Williams, Dilated Peoples, and many more.




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