We Are Not Your Soldiers Tour: On Both Coasts Last Weeks of High School

By Debra Sweet

Ethan McCord will be in southern California (Los Angeles and San Diego) June 9 - 11

Matthis Chiroux in Philadelphia, June 7.

James Brower, a Marine combat veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, made his first appearance with the tour Monday at an NYC high school. Read the report/watch the videos.

We still have more requests from schools than we can fill! NEEDED: more veterans to speak about their experiences in the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan; funds for transportation, child care and materials.  Every time they speak, students re-think their intention of signing up; grapple with the need to speak out against the wars; and go on to take this message to other students, friends, family members.

Here is why we need this tour, from the New York Times yesterday, Teaching Beyond the Test, With an Eye on Current Events:

A teacher in Connecticut includes a course on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars after his students complete the Advanced Placement exam.  

Julia Morrow, also a senior in this upscale suburb of Hartford, said that she and her friends “grew up not following the war and got used to not following it.” For their classmate Samantha Selldorff, the indifference is a reminder of a lesson in Advanced Placement biology. “We studied how animals stop reacting to a stimulus after a certain length of time,” she said. “That’s what the war has become to us.”


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