We Are Not Your Soldiers! Tour

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The "We Are Not Your Soldiers" tour will reach into high school classrooms with the participation of veterans of the US wars on Iraq and Afghanistan and activists from World Can't Wait.

Barack Obama says he will expand the US military by 92,000. Where will these troops come from? The military recruiters have a huge budget to recruit youth who are in high school now.  They roam the hallways and lunch-rooms, call students at home, and set up at malls where kids hang out

The military cannot fight expand the "war on terror" in Afghanistan without this fresh cannon fodder.  Military recruiters now have almost unlimited access to reach high school students because the "No Child Left Behind" law ties funding for schools to whether recruiters can get to students.

The tour will bring students the desperately missing truth of what the "war on terror" is, no matter who is president.  The military is already selling the idea that Obama will end the war in Iraq, so people who join now won't be sent to war at all. This is a lie! Many people don't know that Obama has plans to expand the unjust war on the people of Afghanistan, and also to attack Pakistan, and perhaps, Iran.

The tour will explain, through the words of veterans themselves, how the U.S. occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan have killed a million people; displaced more than four million, and destroyed the infrastructure of both countries

When recruiters come into their school, students need to know exactly what they are being recruited for. Not freedom, not democracy and not better "career options." Most people dying in Iraq are civilians, not combatants. The US has tens of thousands detained in their own countries. Women in the US military report widespread sexual assault by their own peers.

Speakers on the tour will give students reasons not to go into the military, and help organize collective resistance recruiters" lies. We think we can help create a situation where students and teachers are stepping out of their silent hatred for recruiters, and spreading visible mass resistance to joining this military as a part of stopping this war of terror for empire.

Classroom presentations will include:

  • a short presentation by a World Can't Wait youth organizer and either an Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran or a military family member;
  • an open discussion;
  • a 10-minute video clip of testimony by Iraq veterans from the March 2008 Winter Soldier hearings about what they witnessed and perpetrated and footage of high school students protesting military recruiters.
  • a short survey that students will take to give us all a sense of what they think.

Tell high school and community college students and teachers about the tour.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  347 385 2195

Speakers for the Tour:

Iraq Veteran Phil Aliff    Phil served in the US Army from 2004-2008 as a corporal with the 10th Mountain Division. After doing a tour in Iraq from 2005-2006, Aliff started the first active duty chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War at Fort Drum. He spoke at Winter Soldier, a national event where Iraq Vets testified to the war crimes they participated in and witnessed in Iraq & Afghanistan. Phil was a part of leading protests against the war and the whole Bush program on college campuses, on the streets and outside the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Iraq Veteran Matthis Chiroux served in the US army until 2002-2007, with a short tour in Afghanistan. After he was honorably discharged, he was ordered to deploy to Iraq in the spring of 2008. He refused, and instead challenged members of the Out of Iraq Caucus in Congress to follow through on their contention that the occupation of Iraq is illegal, and support his stand. 13 did. The US military is currently attempting to revoke his honorable discharge for refusing to fight in Iraq. He organized an antiwar veteran's protest at the last presidential debate in October 2008, and was arrested along with 14 others. He is currently fighting the charges.

Emma K aplan : Youth & Student Coordinator of World Can't Wait. She has organized protests against the Bush doctrine of torture, military recruiting centers, and against police brutality. She speaks to youth at concerts, in classrooms and on campus, calling on this generation to take responsibility for the crimes their government is committing in their names.  Recently she participated in the protests with Port Military Resistance, where people formed human blockades to prevent the Stryker brigades from being sent to Iraq.

"We Are Not Your Soldiers" Tour 

by Emma Kaplan

The military itself reportedly has a new recruiting approach: "Obama will get the US out of Iraq." 

However, many people don't know that Obama is calling for increasing US military forces by 92,000 more troops, in addition to replacing those who leave, in pursuit of the endless "war on terror."

We have seen from Abu Ghraib to Haditha that the way the U.S. military fights this war spreads tremendous civilian death and suffering. This will spread in Afghanistan when Obama sends the surge of US troops he promises, and into Pakistan and any other country the U.S. pre-emptively invades under the Bush doctrine.

Obama has been an enthusiastic supporter of the No Child Left Behind Act, which gives the U.S. military unlimited access to high school students" contact information, using bribery and lies. The 92,000 new recruits he's seeking to kill and die for US empire are mostly in high school right now.

When asked in one presidential debate, "Will you vigorously enforce a statute which says colleges must allow military recruiters on campus and provide ROTC programs?" Obama said "yes." 

It becomes clear that if we want the crimes of our government to stop, we must bring into being a movement of resistance against them.

The truth behind the horrific crimes youth are being recruited to carry out is largely hidden and unchallenged.

Not anymore! World Can't Wait is launching a national tour with Iraq veterans, speaking about their experience of fighting in the U.S. military. What sort of things are you forced to do when you join up? What is happening to the veterans who come back with horrific injuries, including post-traumatic stress disorder, brain injury, and emotional pain?

The tour will also feature a World Can't Wait youth organizer, with experience in advocating the need for a whole generation to take responsibility for the crimes their government has committed through mass independent political resistance, and refusal to let their peers be taken into the military. 

We will help students challenge recruiters with the truth about the war. This war needs to stop now! There is no waiting to see what Obama will or won't do.

Building a movement against military recruiting could be the key to stopping this war. We have already seen many positive responses from both teachers and students about the need for people to speak the truth. There is a huge ability for this to go viral, but this depends on us.

Will you become involved and spread this?

How to do it:

Get in touch with progressive teachers using the materials on this page. Ask them to bring this tour into their class rooms.

Send an email to your friends and former teachers.

Contact schools that have had anti-recruiting or anti-war actions.

Call teachers you have met in the past and use the content of the flier

Spread it on your personal myspace, and facebook.

If you are a teacher, bring this in and spread it to other teachers.

After the tour comes to your classroom or school:

- Help organize to get the tour into other schools through getting in contact with teachers, fundraising and networking.

-Write to World Can't Wait about your thoughts on the tour and personal letters prompting other people to join in.

- Anytime recruiters come to campus, plan an action. Challenge the recruiters when they come to your class room.

Help Launch The Not Your Soldiers Tour--Donate Today

Funds are needed! We need $4,000 in funds to make this tour a reality!


World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.