Cheers to Kaci Hickox

Revolution Newspaper | November 3, 2014

Editor's Note: Kaci Hickox's case is an example of what an imperialist superpower does to true heroes (more on Ebola). Rather than spending the money to properly protect the frontline health care workers with the proper equipment, panic and fear drive punitive responses.


Finally Someone Says "NO" to Force-Feeding Prisoners at GTMO

Debra Sweet | July 22, 2014

Courageous resistance! A nurse involved in force-feeding Guantanamo prisoners says, “I have come to the decision that I refuse to participate in this criminal act.”


Not a Bug Splat: Giant Poster Challenges Humanity of Drone Operators

Not a Bug Splat | April 8, 2014

not-a-bug-splatIn military slang, Predator drone operators often refer to kills as ‘bug splats’since viewing the body through a grainy video image gives the sense of an insect being crushed.


President Obama Interrupted by Former UC Berkeley Student Senator at Immigration Speech in San Francisco

Sara Grossman | November 25, 2013

Ju Hong Interrupts ObamaPresident Barack Obama was caught by surprise Monday when a former UC Berkeley student government official interrupted his speech on immigration, demanding Obama take more action on the issue.


Banksy's Horses of War Piece, Featuring Audio from Collateral Murder

October 22, 2013

banksy horses of warThe artist Banksy is doing a month residency on the streets of NYC, with a new installation on the streets every day.

On October 9 this image appeared on the Lower East Side, with an audio guide online featring the sound of Collateral Murder, via Private Chelsea Manning & Wikileaks.


NSA Campus Recruiters Challenged by Students & Others

Government listens“I want to know what are the qualifications that one needs to become a whistleblower? Because that sounds like a much more interesting job. I think that ultimately the Edward Snowdens, Bradley Mannings and Julian Assanges of the world will prevail.”


Flobots: Bradley Manning

June 15, 2013

Lupe Fiasco Gets Booted from Inauguration Concert for Criticizing Obama

Lupe Fiasco criticizes ObamaCheers to Lupe Fiasco for doing an extended version of his politically charged song Words I Never Said while performing at an Inauguration concert January 20, 2013.


The Onion Nails It: "Millions Without Power Following Election"

Millions without power following electionThe satirical newspaper The Onion captured the situation November 7, 2012:

WASHINGTON—According to widespread reports, roughly 314 million Americans across the country have been left without any power following Tuesday’s devastating presidential election.