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Shahid Buttar | June 4, 2014

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Torture, America's Shame

John Coghlan | April 15, 2014

Why we won't give this up:



This song was written and performed by Joan Wile.

Johina Aamer - "What have you done in the last 11 years?"

For Johina Aamer, her brothers and her mother, the technical aspects of Shaker Aamer's case come second to their daily worry: they have not been with Shaker for 11 years - soon to be 12 years. Everything else becomes peripheral to this. This family just wants their father home and a wife wants her husband back.  It is easy to dismiss 11 years as another statistic to this case without really thinking about how long it is. So Johina wants to ask you: "What have you done in the last 11 years?"

This video was posted on YouTube on June 18, 2013.

Video: Life Under Drones Discussion at Drone Conference

Madiha Tahir, Journalist, Filmmaker, Wounds of Waziristan
Christopher Rogers - The Open Society Foundations
Wazhmah Osman, Temple University

Moderator: Tara McKelvey - BBC News
DARC is a multidisciplinary conference about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and drones—with an emphasis on civilian applications presented by the Engelberg Center at NYU Law in partnership with the Macarthur Foundation, the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University, and the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. See