Obama’s Department of Justice: Bush Regime Torturers Yoo, Bybee are Not Criminals

What are You Gonna Do Now?   
From World Can’t Wait, San Francisco
The Department of Justice has released the results of its Office of Professional Responsibility’s five year “investigation’ into John Yoo and Jay Bybee, lawyers who were key players on the Bush administration’s Torture Team. The report mildly chastises Yoo and Bybee for “poor judgement”.
These are men covered with the blood of countless victims of unspeakably cruel torture, rendition, and imprisonment without any recourse to trial in hell hole dungeons across the planet. The OPR report essentially exonerates Yoo and Bybee – and those who ultimately called the shots for them, Bush, Cheney, Rice, and the rest of the criminal gang - and clears the way for embedding the practices of torture as an integral, condoned element of U.S. policy. These practices are, in fact, continuing today under the administration of Barack Obama, as they did in the years of the Bush Regime.
If this were all happening under Bush or McCain, what would many good people be saying, and doing?
And what are far too many people today NOT saying, and NOT doing?
The OPR report is far from the last word. There is nothing more important that people inside this country could do right now than to mobilize and organize ourselves to stand up to the crimes of our government, no matter who is in the White House. The OPR report IS an insult to the torture victims, and to everyone who has been in one way or another standing up to demand real accountability for the crime of torture, and to set limits for the future - saying we will not tolerate torture. But the OPR report needs to be seen as a challenge: it represents another move against us in the ongoing fight against the war crime of torture, and to bring to justice the war criminals from Bush and Cheney on down.
Every person in this country has to ask herself or himself: are you for torture, or against it? Is torture part of a world you want to live in, or isn’t it? And if you think torture is wrong and it must stop – and your government insists torture is necessary and therefore OK – then what will you do? We need a powerful resistance from the people. The world can’t wait.


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