Groups Say No More Troops to Afghanistan: Bring them all Home Now!

Press release from World Can’t Wait and American Friends Service Committee

Washington Square Park, Hauley Plaza, Sunday, 11/15 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Photo & interview opportunity with military families & veterans


New York, NY—In anticipation of President Obama’s announcement that more US troops will be sent to occupy Afghanistan, anti-war organizations will exhibit combat boots representing the fallen soldiers from New York State. 

World Can't Wait in conjunction with Military Families Speak Out of New York will take the American Friends Service Committee "Eyes Wide Open” Exhibit into Washington Square Park, at Hauley Plaza at 1:00 pm.
Representing those who were killed over the last 8 years of war, 50 pair of combat boots will be set up in the plaza, along with shoes of civilians killed in Afghanistan.  The death toll nationally is over 930 US troops and almost 50 in New York State alone.  The boots will be displayed all afternoon, while people speak in opposition to the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. 
At dusk candles will be lit and a vigil held.  During the day a reading of the names of all 930 troops and some civilians will be conducted. 
Elaine Brower, a member of both organizations, and parent of a Marine who has been deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq, said, “We are demanding that President Obama not send any further troops into Afghanistan, stop the drone bombings, and bring all troops home now!”


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