How to Make Sense of U.S. Threats on Iraq and Syria

Debra Sweet | August 27, 2014

If you want to shake your head and give up on the situation as beyond understanding — don't! 

Dangerous arguments and actions came this week from both President Obama, who plans to increase airstrikes on Iraq & Syria and announced drone surveillance (as if that has not been happening for years), and from John McCain, leader of the “US has to get back in Iraq” cabal. “Limited” airstrikes by the world's most powerful military combined with U.S. more troops going into this extremely volatile region will not bring peace, stability, or safety.


U.S. Bombs Won't Save Iraqi Lives

Debra Sweet | August 8, 2014

Daddy George H.W. Bush; Bill Clinton; W. Bush and now Barack Obama have an unbroken streak of bombing Iraq.

Let us say as strongly as we can, that the bombing begun overnight in Kurdish areas — no matter who “asked” for it to be done — is outrageously dangerous, will not “save civilians,” but instead will endanger them further. Rather than protecting people in harm's way, US bombs and secret operations are a message to other powers that no one else will be allowed to run Iraq.


Unthinkable Thoughts in the Debate About ISIS in Iraq

Ross Caputi | June 15, 2014

This week Iraq emerged from the recesses of American memory and became a hot topic of conversation. Alarming headlines about ISIS’s “takeover” of Mosul and their march towards Baghdad have elicited a number of reactions: The most conservative call for direct US military action against ISIS to ensure that the government of Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki remains stable in Baghdad. The most liberal lament the ongoing violence and divisions in Iraqi society caused by the US occupation; though they make no attempt distinguish between the violence of ISIS and the violence of the Maliki government.


Iraqis Are Not ‘Abstractions’

Ray McGovern | June 21, 2014

When I saw the Washington Post’s banner headline, “U.S. sees risk in Iraq airstrikes,” I thought, “doesn’t that say it all.” The Post apparently didn’t deem it newsworthy to publish a story headlined: “Iraqis see risk in U.S. airstrikes.” Then, in an accompanying article, authors Gregg Jaffe and Kevin Maurer observed nonchalantly that “Iraq and the Iraqi people remain something of an abstraction,” a point that drove me to distraction.


The Iraqi People are our Sisters and Brothers

Stephanie Tang | June 21, 2014

14.6.21-SF Protest

As we speak and protest today about the looming threats of renewed U.S. aggression and intervention in Iraq, let’s look at reality, not a fragment of reality but the wide angle. The current crisis in Iraq and Syria is a nightmare for the people there, and when imperialist wars and aggression are on the loose anywhere – death and destruction are raining down on people whose lives are every bit as precious and important as our own.


24 Years of US War on Iraq - No Bombing Now!

Debra Sweet | June 16, 2014

It's time to be in the streets in protest, demanding NO further war on Iraq.

Within days or hours, the U.S. may be bombing Iraq again.  John Kerry predicts drone strikes on Iraq. Democracy Now says today, "The U.S.S. George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier has recently arrived in the Persian Gulf. The carrier is accompanied by the U.S.S. Philippine Sea guided-missile cruiser and the U.S.S. Truxtun guided-missile destroyer, both of which carry Tomahawk missiles that can reach Iraq."


Iraqi Government Killing Civilians in Fallujah

Dahr Jamail | March 3, 2014

Doctors, residents and NGO workers in Fallujah are accusing the Iraqi government of "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity" that have occurred as a result of its ongoing attack on the city.


US War Crimes: The Continuing Deterioration of Women’s Rights in Iraq

Haifa Zangana | March 8, 2014

“The regression in women’s situation is so devastating that she has reached the bottom of human needs. Just to survive.”

The following text published by the Brussells Tribunal is Haifa Zangana’s presentation to the European Parliament in Brussels on 29 January 2014.


Project: How Did the U.S. Destroy Iraq?

March 3, 2014

iraq dead family2When will the U.S. destruction of Iraq end? This month, as we're speaking to students who were in middle school, or younger, when the Bush regime invaded Iraq 11 years ago, we're launching a crowd-sourced effort to tell the story of more than 20 years of U.S. aggression against the Iraqi people.