The Horrible Gulf Oil Spill Reality vs the “Energy Tomorrow Pantsuit”

by Juan Cole 
Let us contrast reality to the fantasy that Big Oil projects for us on our television screens. I have long despised the character of the lady in pantsuits, played by Brooke Alexander, who assures us, in the Energy Tomorrow ads, that we really, really need Big Oil’s products.
Yeah, like we need a hole in the head. I think Ms. Alexander, who used to play a con artist on As the World Turns, should be required, while speaking, to be smeared with black oil– sort of like Shakira in “La Tortura”– instead of showing off that crisp and supercilious outfit.


White House: Gulf Oil Spill 'No Reason To Give Up Offshore Drilling'

by: Beth Buczynski 

Just days ago, millions of people across the world celebrated the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, patting themselves on the back for environmental achievements and pledging to 'go green' with even more fervor than the year before.

While the rallies and festivals celebrated Mother Earth, others watched in horror as an oil drilling rig that had exploded days earlier, burned and sank off the coast of Louisiana.


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