Emergency Summit on Gulf Crisis - Passion, Expertise, Ideas and a Plan for Action

By Debra Sweet 

Friends: Saturday, 100 people gathered in New Orleans for the Gulf EMERGENCY Summit.

We heard from people affected by the catastrophe, from people with expertise, passion, and ideas. We united on initial steps. Reports will be on gulfemergencysummit.org soon. On Sunday, participants went to Grand Isle Louisiana to view the oily shores and were able to speak with clean-up workers.

Today, the first political protest action to come from the Summit:


The People Must Act to Stop Gulf Oil Catastrophe

Minimum Security
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By Debra Sweet, 
Director of World Can't Wait
I've been here in New Orleans less than 48 hours, but it quickly becomes clear on the ground how the oil spill is intensifying the trauma of Katrina and its aftermath. I've met people who are too shell-shocked to be able to think about the disaster looming here.
Local activists helping on the Gulf Emergency Summit urge that the stories of the people out in the parishes, the bayous; the fisher people, Native Americans, those who work in the oil drilling industry, the scientists who have experience and ideas -- all who are NOT being listened to -- finally be heard. People speaking for the effect on wildlife, including that which cannot be seen from shore...they also are voices which we must hear.


Obama’s Capitalist Drilling + Oil Spilling + Planet Killing!

 By The Steering Committee of World Can’t Wait 

On April 20th 2010 the world witnessed what is becoming one of the worst man made environmental disasters in history. The oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon oil platform will have severe consequences for humanity and life on the planet for years to come.


Gulf Oil Disaster: Obama Protested in Mississippi


While Barack Obama was visiting Gulfport Mississippi and promising to do something and having no scheduled public appearances, Larry Everest and Tracy Stern, organizers for the coming Emergency Summit to Stop the Gulf Oil Catastrophe, demonstrated along his motorcade route, holding up banners reading: The People Must Act to Stop the Gulf Oil Catastrophe -- www.gulfemergencysummit.org, and Gulf Oil Disaster -- System Not Fit to Be Caretaker of the Earth. 


An Extraordinary Crisis Requires an Extraordinary Response – the People Must Act to Stop the Gulf Catastrophe

Saturday, June 19, 2010  10 am—End Time TBA First Unitarian Universalist Church Sanctuary

5212 South Claiborne Avenue, New Orleans, LA
Website: gulfemergencysummit.org; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The BP oil blowout is an environmental catastrophe, bringing great peril to marine and wildlife in the Gulf and threatening ecosystems of the planet. The spill is still out of control and spreading.  It jeopardizes communities and livelihoods. The government and BP have proven unable and unwilling to stop the disaster, protect the Gulf, or even tell the truth.
The people must come together now to stop this nightmare.
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A Forum of Misinformation: Confronting BP's Shills in Slidell

You Killed Our Way of LifeBy Elizabeth Cook
A so-called “community forum” was held June 1 in Slidell, east of New Orleans. It was organized by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and not by local officials. It was a PR stunt paid for by BP. It was held in Slidell - we believe for the purpose of excluding as many folks as possible who have been directly impacted. They would never hold such a meeting in St. Bernard, for example, or Plaquemines Parish.


New Orleans: Protesters Rage at BP

New OrleansBy Tina Susman and Nicole Santa Cruz
Despite pelting rain and occasional blasts of thunder, some 200 people gathered in New Orleans’ French Quarter on Sunday to hear speakers demand the ouster of BP and other oil giants from the gulf region and to plead for volunteerism to save turtles, birds and other wildlife.
Organized by locals in the last week, the rally was publicized through social networking sites, including Twitter and a Facebook group, BP Oil Flood Protest.  Homemade signs waved by the boisterous crowd spoke to the anger: “Brass balls, not tar balls,” “BP oil pigs” and “Kill the well now.” And one sign, "BP sleeps with MMS"  spoke to what President Obama has called a "cozy" relationship between oil companies and federal regulators at the Minerals Management Service.


How Big is the Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster?

On April 20th, an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon left 17 workers injured and 11 missing and presumed dead. Oil is spewing from a well 5000 feet below sea level, discharging 200,000 gallons of crude oil a day according to the official estimate. It is estimated that more than 6 million gallons of crude oil have poured into the Gulf so far.

But how big is the spill, really? It's hard to get a sense of the true size when it's over the ocean floor. Use the links below to see how large the spill is, as of May 21.

Ecosystem Facing Disaster, A System Not Fit to Be Caretaker of the Earth

 by Orpheus Reed and Larry Everest 

When you stick your finger into one of the orange-brown or black, asphalt-smelling globs of oil now washing into the wetlands where the Mississippi Delta meets the Gulf of Mexico, it just gloms on and sticks. It's hard to get off. You see it stuck to the stalks of the roso-cane reeds, which hold the wetlands in place.
Then you start thinking about what happens when a fish, a bird, or some other creature gets caught in this toxic stew. And you think about how these pools are only the first, small waves of oil from the exploded wellhead of British Petroleum's "Deepwater Horizon." And you just can't take it.


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