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UN Panel's Dramatic Warning on Global Warming

Dennis Loo | November 3, 2014

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on Sunday, November 1, 2014, issued its starkest warning to date. As the NYT described it today:

Failure to reduce emissions, the group of scientists and other experts found, could threaten society with food shortages, refugee crises, the flooding of major cities and entire island nations, mass extinction of plants and animals, and a climate so drastically altered it might become dangerous for people to work or play outside during the hottest times of the year.


What the Climate March Did and Didn’t Do

Dennis Loo | September 23, 2014

The tremendous outpouring in NYC on Sunday (and it should be added, perhaps more importantly, at Wall Street on Monday (#FloodWallStreet)) over the global climate emergency has some commentators on the Left convinced that the grassroots will now be able to solve the ever-spreading climate catastrophe.


The Gravest Threat to Planet Earth – Ever

Dennis Loo | September 21, 2014

Since Earth’s creation, no natural threats to its existence compare to the danger that it now faces from climate change, caused by human activity.

Gigantic meteors have struck the earth and volcanoes have spewed out enormous amounts of smoke and ash that dramatically altered the landscape and deeply impacted the flora and fauna, and perhaps caused the massive die off of dinosaurs … but they are not as grave a threat to the existence of Earth now confronting us.


UN Climate Talks: Criminal Charade in Warsaw

“As the talk shop charades continue at these conferences, the big powers scramble to find and burn even more ‘unconventional’ and carbon polluting fossil fuels.”

Orpheus Reed | December 1, 2013

The 19th United Nations (UN) "Conference of the Parties" (COP) talks on global climate change concluded on November 24 in Warsaw, Poland.


Time to Discard Illusory Hope: A Report from the Climate Justice Rally

by Elizabeth Cook  |  February 18, 2013

With Rockefeller funded, along with other major corporate funding, big "green" NGOs in control of the climate justice movement, the rally in D.C. yesterday is about as good as it gets when it comes to mass action on the environment right now. From the staged arrest of carefully selected individuals, with prior notice to the park service in D.C., to the carefully selection of those on the stage and speaking that included also the Rockefeller funded Sierra Club and NRDC, we get our climate "justice" served up a la carte: besides the big green NGOs, Idle No More, Gulf activists and perhaps a smattering of other grass roots driven efforts were there.


Reportback on Climate Crisis Conference

Climate crisisThe Feb 16 Climate Crisis Conference, initiated by World Can’t Wait Chicago and taken up by many other groups, was a sober and an exciting event. The opening presentation by Carl Wassilie, Yup’iaq Alaskan from Anchorage's Big Village Network, powerfully illustrated how life threatening the situation facing indigenous people in Alaska is. Storms are eroding their villages, their whole relationship to the natural environment – developed over centuries – is at peril, and animals they rely on are growing sick from toxins of unknown origin, a heart-breaking and infuriating situation. Carl reported that native peoples in Alaska are the most heavily regulated by the US government and yet they are being left to die. He drew an analogy to Jews in Nazi Germany, calling this is genocide.


Say No to the Keystone XL Pipeline

Rally at the National Mall and then march to the White House!

Sun., Feb. 17, 2013 from noon-2:00 pm

The climate crisis is creating weather patterns that aren't just extreme -- they're downright freaky. Our leaders can't sit around and twiddle their thumbs anymore, and it's up to activists like you to make sure they get the memo.


There is a way we can act - for humanity and the planet

Climate Crisis

by the Chicago Chapter of World Can't Wait

Climate Crisis Conference Saturday, February 16

Haven't we all felt outraged and frustrated when we read another horror story about the devastating impact of climate chaos on life around the planet? Yet decades of international conferences and non-binding 'agreements' have done nothing to moderate the spreading destruction.


Sizing up Sandy

Join the Union of Concerned Scientists for a Webinar on the effects and causes of Hurricane Sandy

After the largest Atlantic hurricane on record affected U.S. states from southern Florida to northern Maine and as far west as Wisconsin, analysts from the Union of Concerned Scientists are looking at the implications of the storm in our Hurricane Sandy: Confronting the Realities of Climate Change blog series.


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