The Culture of Bigotry

"The World Can’t Wait organizes people living in the United States to repudiate and stop the fascist direction initiated by the Bush Regime, including: the murderous, unjust and illegitimate occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan; the global “war of terror” of torture, rendition and spying; and the culture of bigotry, intolerance and greed."

-from World Can't Wait's mission statement adopted 2009

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Reproductive Rights

Real History Lessons

Trump Means War. He Won't Hesitate to Use the Tools Obama Employed. We Can't Wait to Stop Him.

World Can't Wait | January 16, 2016

trumpmushroom"We forget at our peril that Trump has made it clear through his political appointments that his administration will be the most militarist, warlike and jingoist administration in modern history" -- Marc Norton at


Trump Installs His Fascist Team | November 22, 2016

Editor's note: Trump's team so far includes:

The Fascist Resumé of Trump's Chief Strategist Steve Bannon

bannonOne of Donald Trump's first decisions as president-elect was to name Steve Bannon his chief strategist and senior counselor. Bannon managed Trump's campaign. Before that he was the owner and hands-on force behind the website Breitbart News Network. Mainstream news and Bannon himself call Bannon's politics "conservative," "alt-right," or "white nationalist." It's worse than that.


No Magical Thinking about Trump

Curt Wechsler | November 22, 2016

As speculation swirls around how bad a Trump regime will prove -- which promises he'll keep and which he will abandon -- magical thinking delays a proper response to the very real deployment of fascist rule in America. "That which you will not resist and mobilize to stop, you will learn or be forced to accept," reads the original World Can't Wait call to Drive Out the Bush Regime.


At a Let in the Refugees Rally, "I Just Don't Know If There's A Way Out."

Emma Kaplan | November 29, 2015

I attended a rally this week to Let In the Refugees. People were there of all nationalities, backgrounds and generations. The rally was put on by Americans for Refugees and immigrants and billed as "Bring Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses" and calling for unity against Islamophobia and xenophobia. It was in support of the Seattle governor Jay Inslee's statement that Washington state would welcome refugees.


Looking Deeper at Democracy & People's Rights

Debra Sweet | July 5, 2014

Consider the U.S. government's role in:

1.  Vast surveillance of whole populations

The destruction of protections in the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution against unreasonable search and seizure are even more extensive than we learned one year ago. In a May 2014 interview witih NBC News, Edward Snowden said the government has:


The Shutdown, the Showdown, and the Urgent Need To Repolarize... For Revolution

Revolution Newspaper | October 9, 2013

Note from Debra Sweet:

In response to your comments on the government shutdown, and prospects for constitutional crisis and recession if the government defaults on its debt:


The War on Black Women and Children

by Margaret Kimberley 

We are told that the Republicans are waging a war on women. It is true that they are on an endless quest to restrict access to abortion, if not outlaw it altogether, and want to prevent insurance companies from paying for contraception. In Wisconsin, the Republican governor recently signed legislation which repealed that state’s equal pay enforcement act.

The Republicans deserve the label, but if there is a war on women in America today, it is being directed primarily at black women as a group and at their young children as well. Black women have been criminalized for the most minor of offenses, for enrolling their children in schools outside of their home districts, and even when their children are victimized by other people.


The "left to die boat" in the Mediterranean and NATO's Murderous Mission

from A World to Win News Service 

Calls for harsh treatment of immigrants by right-wing politicians are so common they've become part of the background noise for many people.

Yet a Council of Europe report presents evidence that NATO has implemented a policy that goes beyond what even the most openly far-right politicians dare publicly propose: sentencing migrants to death.



From Revolution:

We Are All Trayvon Martin
The Whole Damn System is Guilty! 

“You think if I shot some white kid walking down my street they’d say I was just standing my ground? I’d be in jail, we all know that. Actually, I’d probably be dead. But it seem like more of this is coming to light than they want. Zimmerman had a big ass gun. A gun meant to kill people. They got a whole system set up to protect this kind of shit. But a lot of shit has come out into the open they don’t intend to be out in the open.  And people don’t like it.”

—A veteran in his 60s who has lived in Florida his whole life


Troy Davis -- An Illegitimate Execution Planned by an Illegitimate State

Troy Davis Protest

Find out more about this case and contact the Chatham County District Attorney today.

By Sunsara Taylor

I don't have a lot of time this morning to write about this and there is a lot of information available on the web, but let me say simply:


7 out of 9 witnesses against him recanted.

Tremendous evidence points to his innocence and makes clear he did not receive anything approximating a fair trial or justice.


Elaine Brower's Speech at the Peter King Opposition Rally

Elaine BrowerDelivered at the NYC Rally on March 6:

Asalam Alaikum, peace, sisters and brothers. I stand here before you today as an Italian American Muslim, in solidarity and with respect for all communities of faith, and those who simply believe it is a basic human right to live in peace and with justice. I not only represent a broad coalition which formed to denounce Islamophobia, and I am not only a mother of a US Marine who thought he was being patriotic by joining the military only to be destroyed psychologically and emotionally, but most importantly I stand here as a human being who cares about the future of humanity and this planet.


Main Culture of Bigotry


World Can't Wait mobilizes people living in the United States to stand up and stop war on the world, repression and torture carried out by the US government. We take action, regardless of which political party holds power, to expose the crimes of our government, from war crimes to systematic mass incarceration, and to put humanity and the planet first.