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Iraq War Logs Released by Wikileaks

Major media around the world have released reports and analysis based on access to 400,000 US military documents released through WikiLeaks covering the Iraq War, revealing massive cover-ups of torture, thousands of previously unreported civilian deaths, and more.

See for the latest. To view the leaked documents directly: See below for breaking coverage.

Channel 4 News Overview

In the biggest leak of official files in history nearly 400,000 military logs from the Iraq war reveal the massive scale of civilian deaths, new torture allegations and a surge in US Hellfire attacks.


Al Jazeera: WikiLeaks Iraq files reveal torture

The Guardian UK: IRAQ: The War Logs

How civilians have paid heaviest price

Secret files reveal how US turned blind eye to Iraq torture

Massive leak of military logs exposes serial abuse of detainees, 15,000 previously unknown deaths and full toll of Iraq's five years of carnage

The New York Times: The War Logs

Bureau of Investigative Journalism:

Pentagon tries to plug the Wikileak

The Pentagon is trying stay aloof from allegations US soldiers were ordered to turn a blind eye to torture and instead is concentrating on condemning the leak.

CNN: Wikileak founder speaks

10/23/10 Press conference footage: "This is about the truth."

Full Press Conference 10/23/10 (C-SPAN)


Andy Worthington: Wikileaks’ 400,000 Classified Iraq War Documents Reveal 15,000 Previously Unreported Civilian Casualties, and Extensive Torture


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