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Get the statement against Guantanamo printed in The New York Times

Add your name to the list of signatures & donate to get it published as an ad in the "paper of record."

  • Crimes are crimes. Sign this statement and spread it.
  • Find a local World Can’t Wait chapter

Interview with a Sustainer: Why Does Persistent Anti-War Activism Matter?

Claudia Chaufan | April 6, 2015

As an internationally-travelled and internationally-minded person who has seen the U.S. from the viewpoint from outside its borders — why do YOU think it matters if a movement like World Can't Wait raises its message and is persistent?


Every City, Every Town, Has Its Own Michael Brown

Debra Sweet | April 2, 2015

black-lives-matterI think most of you reading this were very heartened last fall by the protests that swept across the country in response to the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and others, killed by police. Those actions involved very large numbers of young people, most of whom had never gotten involved in protest before, and they were striking for how multi-national they were, with large numbers of white people uniting with black and brown.


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