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Get the statement against Guantanamo printed in The New York Times

Add your name to the list of signatures & donate to get it published as an ad in the "paper of record."

  • Crimes are crimes. Sign this statement and spread it.
  • Find a local World Can’t Wait chapter

Giving Tuesday: Suggested Tweets

December 2, 2014

Because after almost 13 yrs GTMO remains open. We remain committed to closing it. Join us today:  #GivingTuesday

Because abortion access is being stripped across the country. We stand up to #stopforcedmotherhood.

Because Ferguson is everywhere. We are out to stop the criminalization of a generation. Join us today: #GivingTuesday

B/c whole populations continue to be spied on. We speak out against mass surveillance. Join us today #GivingTuesday

B/c consequences of global warming r manifest & no govt action is taken we wage determined resistance #GivingTuesday

B/c US is 5% of world population but has 25% of world prisoners. We resist #incarcerationation. #GivingTuesday

Because #Obama has bombed more countries than any other POTUS. We mobilize to end the US war machine. #GivingTuesday

B/c yesterday's outrage is new statusquo. We pledge to change ppl's minds to put all of humanity 1st. #GivingTuesday

Thursday: Watch or Attend | Stop War Crimes on Gaza

Protesting the massacre in Gaza - Chicago August 10Debra Sweet | August 10, 2014

We don't know all of what it will take to stop the crimes of our government, yet. But we know a key step is having a core of people who really work to know the truth about what this government is doing to people around the world.


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